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  1. pitfighter

    MP.40 period pics

    Whitey Bulger was another cat who seemed to dig the MP40 - They were likely just the result of a random robbery of legal machine-guns from a collector, but still sort of interesting.
  2. pitfighter

    PTR 44 purchase opportunity

    I second that, awesome looking clone/rework/5.56 rifle - looks absolutely great. Nice work on the mag.
  3. pitfighter

    ZG 1229 Vampir somewhere?

    Your book is fantastic by the way, I have referred to it multiple times. Well illustrated and comprehensive.
  4. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Thank you that is perfect 🙏
  5. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    I have been offered an Ohio Ordnance BAR for sale that fits my current tastes better than this. Take a look at post #18 and let me know what this thing should/might sell for, not greedy, but not giving it away. I've been out of the g/k43 buying and selling game for almost a decade, this was an...
  6. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Here is the OP rifle I have added: 1. Original K43 Sling. 2. Original K43 Zf4 scope 3. Reproduction (the worst - will need to be replaced) mount and bands. 4. Original G43 "Durofol" hand guard 5. Original G43 Manual and spare-parts "stock kit." The wood hand guard will be kept with the rifle...
  7. pitfighter

    K43 scope mount verification

    Nice mount, good find. I'm looking for one, too. Will look great on your rifle.
  8. pitfighter

    The MP SS 42

    This is great, never heard of this one, thanks for linking.
  9. pitfighter

    My semi-auto MP44

    I believe he is in Germany so the mechanical steps are simpler than the US, but the legal steps are a little more complicated. Nice 1944 dated MP44 - looks in terrific condition.
  10. pitfighter

    What’s Going on with this MP40 Tube Piece?

    A lot of familiar names in the bidding history. A few collectors certainly felt it was worth the price of admission.
  11. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Popped the hand guard off, there is no marking inside, no stamped serial. The wood is a different type to the rest of the stock. It's aged and worn with age - but this means little. What should I be looking for to confirm originality? I'll post pics to this post tomorrow. I've acquired an...
  12. pitfighter

    Gewehr 43s ever damaged by magazine?

    That's one of Dingo's 20 round mags! DK Production Group - Kentucky.
  13. pitfighter

    Durofol handguard missing ear repair

    I have one missing one ear, so I bought a repro hand guard from Poland via Ebay, that arrived this morning. (It's quite good, looks like it was cast from the mold made from an original hand guard - not an original mold, that is.) I am sending mine out to be fixed - presuming the ear from the...
  14. pitfighter

    CRA MG42 semi build

    That will be fun - !
  15. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Handguard is definitely a little-shade darker - yes, Sir. Rifle is at my work-place in Cali, if you're local you're welcome to take apart and inspect, it will probably emigrate to my living-abode in AZ later in the year.
  16. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    You and half a dozen others in my private message's - lol. (Thank you guys for the interest, I am just glad it's not a bubba special.) Yes, stock wood could be sun-bleached, tough for me to tell, you guys would be better educated in such things. Thanks for the info.
  17. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Thank you T2T, Good to know on the Durofol guard - this wood one seems aged in continuity with the rest of the stock, but who knows? The stock has a small mark on the reverse that could once have been a proof, and it has a dimple on the grip area, which could also have been a stamp. Not...
  18. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Interesting: so the serial 8192 L is represented with a capital letter on the stock.
  19. pitfighter

    K43 acquisition - any info appreciated.

    Thank you, guys. I knew you'd be the ones to ask.

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