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    8x VZ-24 Snipers w/ IOR Scopes Just Sold

    Astounded these went for so little considering their rarity in the states. I feel like plenty of folks would pay that for an IOR scope on its own let alone matching kits with leather scope cases. Did anyone grab one?
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    K98k Rear Sight Cover Help

    Hello gents - leatherworker here. I've been dissatisfied with the quality of the reproduction K98 rear sight covers so I've decided to whip out a few of my own. I run a leather bag production company here in the states (we're one of the last places making everything in the U.S) and I'm curious...
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    DOT 1944 - aw Block - Matching

    Hello all - for your consideration is a 1944 Brno made K98k with matching floorplate, bolt, barrel. I picked this up from the LGS. I have some questions about this rifle. Particularly surrounding the lack of markings on the bands and its iffy looking stock. No serial on receiver correct for year...
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    VZ-24 Sniper that just sold

    Hello all, In the past few weeks I've been trying to educate myself on the minefield that seems to be VZ-24 rifles in sniper configuration. I gather that only a few of these were imported complete in the 90's and they should be sporting an IOR scope per Romanian requirements. Drudging through...
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    Emil Busch Rathenow Visar Gewehr No. 1511

    Hello gents - I've acquired this German telescope that I believe is military. I post here for two reasons. The first is to find a bit more information as to whether or not this is a military scope, and if so, when this would have been used and on which platform. The second is I see that this...
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    Claw mount ID

    Hello chaps - does anyone recognize the bases and rings on this put together I saw on Gunbroker? I'm assuming these are commercial? Would appreciate some more info if possible. This thing sold for $1500 and Im trying to figure out why.
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    1941 Portugese Contract Bolt Question

    Hello chaps - I have a nice receiver off a 1941 contract here. I'd like to find the most appropriate bolt for it. I understand that it will not be an original pairing - I'd just love to be able to shoot it again. Can any of you shed some light on whether there's a specific K98 bolt that would...
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    DSM34 Measurement

    Hello all, Im curious if any of you would mind measuring this section of a DSM stock if you have one. Right after the step down under the barrel band. I have a duffel cut example and it looks like the piece of wood went missing over the years. Before I have Leszek make one I'd like to see if I...
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    H/J Markings on JGA DSM 34

    Hello gents and glad to be a part of this forum. Have any of you seen this style of Hitler Jugend marking on your stock? H/J Gebiet 29 which as I understand it translated to "Hitler Youth District 29" (now known as Oberdonau, Austria.) I've seen lots of markings out there but this style is...

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