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  1. Winchester Cowboy

    ar43 mismatched but honest

    Rather than wondering and assuming, and having any doubts, ask your picker friend for a 3 day inspection.
  2. Winchester Cowboy

    ZF41 Question (Correct Serial Number Range to be Legit?)

    Was the duffel cut repair done with pins or wood dowels and epoxy or some other method?
  3. Winchester Cowboy

    M40 Luftwaffe Camouflage

    When you click on the pictures to zoom and slideshow the resolution comes back and is very sharp and clear. Must be the new program upgrade? Nice find!
  4. Winchester Cowboy

    What is the best way to store leather holsters

    I store the leather holsters in the gun safes and gun cabinets, some wrapped in a small towel like for drying dishes for protection against scuffs and wear should a late war K98 bump them! I don’t use plastic bags as years ago my Dad said plastic bags dry out leather and it can’t breathe. Not...
  5. Winchester Cowboy

    PTR44 Semi-Auto MP44

    Thanks for the reply.
  6. Winchester Cowboy

    Be careful. Fakers in our midst. gill120 Dave Gill please respond

    Wow. And a Big Ticket Price too I would imagine. Glad it all worked out and no one got burned. Great guys looking out for everyone on the Forum! Thanks for posting.
  7. Winchester Cowboy

    NOS 1945 Steyr MP44

    Thanks for posting!
  8. Winchester Cowboy

    A couple of interesting rg34

    The precision and accuracy of those laser engravings just stand out like an outhouse in the fog! Unlike a stamped marking.
  9. Winchester Cowboy

    Market Value

    Without pics, Two Dollars and One Dollar.
  10. Winchester Cowboy

    No4 Mk1 T scope caps real or repro?

    I have a 1942 No4Mk1(T) made by Savage, just a beautiful rifle to shoot and very accurate. It’s right up there with Mausers. You might have recalibrate your senses! Lol
  11. Winchester Cowboy

    bnz 42 f

    I would drill and bolt those Huge Aluminum Nazi Boxcar Eagles on both sides of a new made repro k98 stock as to not mislead any unsuspecting buyer 10 years down the road by trying to make it better or bestest than original.
  12. Winchester Cowboy

    PTR44 Semi-Auto MP44

    I wonder how many BD-44 and BD-42(H) Marstar brought in strictly for Canadian market sales? A very small fraction of the 200?
  13. Winchester Cowboy

    A question for those that have been collecting for a while....10 plus years...

    I will plug in my Eniac and let it compute for several months to find the answer.
  14. Winchester Cowboy

    A question for those that have been collecting for a while....10 plus years...

    Only Werner Von Braun could have possibly answered this question with any degree of accuracy in time and space. So for now we will always wonder and ponder over a beer, or a Jack Daniels as we also ask, how many grains of sand are on the Earth? Maybe it’s just one of those things that we were...
  15. Winchester Cowboy

    Big Kriegsmarine Flag.......

    Maybe Andrew can restore his ME109 insignias to flying condition from eBay parts and then fly the flag while airborne!
  16. Winchester Cowboy

    Most unique K43 VoPo joke!!!

    The aluminum hand guard looks like it came from a hobbyist doing a sand casting mold, and the impression was maybe taken from a Durofol Hand Guard.

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