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    Humped K98?

    Doesn't look humped, but it's definitely not Uncle Joe's bringback. Yugo or Russian capture stock, renumbered/mismatched parts, cold blue on barrel/receiver. Won't waste my time trying to put a price on it, but it's already too high.
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    Opinions on byf45 zf41?

    Back to the rifle at hand. Judging by the photo of the butchered stock, which I have verified does have the proper relief cut for the base, it appears to have had a takedown disk at one time since there is no takedown hole in the butt, so probably not a KM configuration originally? The rifle of...
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    Opinions on byf45 zf41?

    I'm aware of that, which is why I referred to it as a sniper variant. Today it would be identified as a designated marksman rifle.
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    Opinions on byf45 zf41?

    The rifle has been restocked with the incorrect one, but comes with the original butchered stock as well, which the seller says does have the correct cutout for the rear site. Yes, it is basically a matching barreled action. For the right price, I would like to have it as it's probably the...
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    Opinions on byf45 zf41?

    Investigating a potential trade for this byf 45 zf-41. Obviously sporterized with a butchered stock, but the barreled action looks good. The seller values it at around $1500, which would be close to/ a little less than the value of the rifle I am considering for trade. Comments or observations...
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    Full autos in Wisconsin

    I don't really understand the question, but machine guns are absolutely legal to own here in Wisconsin. I have a friend with a Marlin potato digger and know a guy with an STG44 and several others. I almost bought a Thompson last year at a local shop. From my understanding, there is nothing...
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    Be careful. Fakers in our midst. gill120 Dave Gill please respond

    Seems pretty ballsy/stupid to do this with a rifle that was obviously highly visible at a major collector show, and not even that long ago. Maybe he assumed they don't have internet way up north there in Canada?
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    Another Mitchel's turd, but the description really takes the cake!

    Maybe the MMC import stamp could have provided a clue to this idiot, if he was capable of having one. The only proof I have of a connection between that mark and Mitchell's Mausers is the fact that every one of their guns has it.
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    Pics of FG42s in Paris

    I was there a couple years ago and noticed them too, although I only recall seeing 3 so I missed one! I'll see if I can dig up any photos. I remember seeing 2 Type 1s and a Type 2. It was quite exciting at the time!
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    K98 Newb Questions - Starting a Couple of Projects

    For a clone I would not worry about which mfg. is more authentic. Build the best rifle out of the parts you have. If your DOT barreled action has a good bore and is a decent shooter, you'll be money and time ahead starting with that one. As long as the holes don't overlap, you shouldn't have any...
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    The Time Has Come - Forum Software Change

    I've actually gotten used to the basic functionality of the new Gunboards forum (and a few others I'm on). But if you can keep the user interface similar to what we have now and eliminate some of the annoying features like Recommended Posts, etc. I think you will have a winning solution.
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    Avoid Pook and Pook auction company.

    That's just pure greed. Between the buyer and seller commission plus the markup on shipping, they are making a killing on every item they sell. Certainly a profit far beyond a reasonable one given the business risk they are taking, which is basically zero.
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    Fair price for a pre-war PPK?

    $1700 feels a little high, but $900-1000 is way low. Sure it would be nice to get it for that, but I think it's a pipe dream in the current market. If you could get it for under $1500 I doubt you would have many regrets down the road.
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    Buying rifles in parts: G.33/40

    That's what I'd call a happy ending.
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    bcd LSR matching rifle

    "Their betters." Who are you, the fucking Queen? LOL. As if owning something makes you an expert on it.
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    Please Help A Noobie Out - Shooting really big groups

    Give this guy a call: Chuck Moline of Warpath Vintage in Denver, CO. (720)-841-1399. He specializes in vintage military rifles.
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    Please Help A Noobie Out - Shooting really big groups

    I had a MAS 36 Vietnam bring back that shot like you describe. To look at the bore, it didn't look that terrible (I've seen some really ugly bores on Mosins that shot great and cleaned up with good scrubbing). It was rough and pitted but had strong visible rifling. But it keyholed five rounds...
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    bcd LSR matching rifle

    Are you offended by the outing of fakers and hucksters?
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    ASW 42 matching Bayo bidded up to $ 740.00 Why ???

    I can think of a lot better things to blow my stimulus checks on (and I did!).

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