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    WWI Mauser Sniper by Mauser Oberndorf - Jon Speed

    Jon Speed sent me this yesterday as well. I just learned mauser patented their SQB mauser scope mounting system in 1912 even though they made up sporters with this system a few years before etc. Jon Mauser must have patented the system in hopes of gaining royalties from a future contract. I...
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    WWI Mauser Sniper by Mauser Oberndorf - Jon Speed

    I’ve never understood why the German military specified that bolts and receivers be left in the white. Cleanliness and easy inspection? Commercial rifles almost always had blued receivers and bolts, this rifle was likely assembled as a commercial rifle.
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    WWI Mauser Sniper by Mauser Oberndorf - Jon Speed

    Here is Glass plate image of Oberndorf G98 Sniper rifle based on Commercial sporter Square Bridge action with Push button scope release. In pre WW1 period folks at Spandau started thinking about some form of G98 Sniper rifle so this was Mauser Proposal which was not accepted so as war started...
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    Need infos on a Weird k98 mauser conversion

    The rifle is a mixture of parts, the barrel and stock are Chilean 1912 short rifle, the bolt has some Brazilian 1908 parts. A rifle someone assembled from parts. The receiver and bottom metal are likely worth more than you paid for it. If the barrel is in good condition, it and the stock may...
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    MS350b Rear Trigger Guard Screw.

    If you click the link in my previous post you purchase the new manufacture screws from my website. Unfortunately I made them in sets, so I'd ask that you buy them as a set. If you send me a PM I will check and see what I have for originals. I may have a spare rear screw.
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    MS350b Rear Trigger Guard Screw.

    I make replacement screws for the ES/MS and DSM rifles. They are currently in the white, but I will offer them blued as soon as I can get them blued.
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    Mauser DSM-34 Weird Star Stamp Marking? Help Identifying?

    This is a nice example of Mauser recycling parts from other contracts. Chilean in this case.
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    1903 WMO Gew 98 converted to a Wehrmansgewehr (?) - looking for additional info.

    This is a commercial rifle, as PrayingMantis said. The receiver serial shows that it was a left over receiver, possibly numbered after the war. Interesting in that receivers were a supposed bottleneck through the war. Likely this receiver had minor issues and it was set aside, later being built...
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    wehrmann gewehr? Target rifle marked v.c.s. 7.7mm

    Hopefully I can add some insight for you. If you haven't bought it yet, or decided not to, I would be interested in knowing the asking price for this rifle, I would potentially be interested in buying it. I have not seen a VCS marking in this particular way, which is part of what makes it a...
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    Mauser DSM price check

    Is the muzzle cover a correct 22 muzzle cover? It doesn't look like it in the picture, but I cant tell. If yes, those bring a fair amount. The wood is nice, the metal is a little rough, but it looks like it would possibly clean up. If there is pitting, then that is a big difference. Bore...
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    Deutsche Reichsbahn Railwaymen PORCHOW, Russia with Dutch rifles.

    Jon Speed sent me these some time ago, plans made up by Mauser to convert these rifles. Very cool picture, I have always found what I called 3rd tier arms interesting, but very little to no research or acknowledgement. I am really glad to see so many being studied and brought to the forefront.
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    G98 barrel band variations

    Personally when examining a rifle, I only use all matching examples to determine originality. Then I look at the acceptance marks to see if the acceptance marks match. People, importers, armorers, etc have been piecing together guns from the beginning. Take a look through the reference threads...
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    G98 barrel band variations

    Can you link or reference the G98 you are seeing so we can compare?
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    G98 barrel band variations

    The vast majority of parts on ebay are incorrectly advertised. Half the K98k parts are not.
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    VCS 1892 Kar88

    Very nice! Sometimes the gambles really pay off..... course the rest of the time they end in tears.... Love the stock markings, that is hard to find on a lot of Kar88's.
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    DSM firing pin

    Flatside, I don't know if you got my message, let me know if it came through. Your firing pin is going out today. I did not see your post here until now. Your firing pin tip looks original, they changed the design part way through, but I have never been able to document when. The two piece...
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    Schmidt DSM-34

    I would agree the metal has been worked on, but maybe not reblued. Unless they used a bath tub of cold blue. The mottled bumpy finish reminds me of a gun I bought, but I can't think of it at the moment. Either way, as you said, it is a scarce rifle that is taken in any condition! I have a...
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    1916 Mauser Gew98M; Imperial Navy, Wiemar, and aid to Nationalist Spain

    I found the forum will only allow you to post a 2MB file photo. Irritating because even my old crappy Iphone takes 3-4Mb photo's.
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    Interesting Gew 98m Purchase

    Most likely this is a Spanish stock based on the wood grain and style. My understanding is a large number of G98m's went to Spain.... Can't say that is this ones history, but based on the stock, I would say that is a Spanish stock. Whether it was put in it here or there is hard to say.

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