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  1. Winchester Cowboy

    337 code - 1940 Question

    For 1940, 337 code, were the stocks flat butt plate? If cupped butt plate stocks were used, what letter block? Thanks!
  2. Winchester Cowboy

    MP44 Firing Pins?

    What is the reason for MP44 Firing Pins with 3 sides (Triangular) and 4 sides? Are they all Original? Different Makers? Reducing Weight? Thanks.
  3. Winchester Cowboy

    What causes this happen to the bolt face?

    What causes the bolt face to be damaged like this where a piece breaks off? Hot Load? Metallurgy? Forging? Design? Does it affect safety or function, or should the bolt be thrown away? Is this a common problem with Mausers, and if so, does it show up more often in Late War? I found this pic...
  4. Winchester Cowboy

    A Modification?

    Which country modified the front sight hood with the opening on top? Looks to be milled from the pic.
  5. Winchester Cowboy

    US Army disposed of captured firearms -K98 G43, etc (June 1959 Article of Guns)

    "I Burned Guns You'd Buy" The June 1959 Edition of "Guns". On pages 28-30 there's a short article about how the US Army disposed of captured firearms. There are many other interesting articles, and an Ad on Page 3.
  6. Winchester Cowboy

    Deutsche Reichsbahn Mauser Banner 1934

    Here is my 1934 Deutsche Reichsbahn (German Railroad) Mauser Banner Rifle. A Canadian Vet brought this one back from WW2. They were on patrol and lost somewhere in Germany and stopped to check out a building that they were approaching. When they went inside the building, he opened a closet door...
  7. Winchester Cowboy

    SS Contract Walther PPK

    I'll post mine too since they are coming out of the woodwork.
  8. Winchester Cowboy

    The K98a?

    Why was the K98a Front Band Hinged? Interesting Screw arrangement as well to hold it together. Seems more costly and time consuming to make, but there must be a reason?
  9. Winchester Cowboy

    Storing K98 Slings?

    How do you store your K98 slings? Coiled up, or Unrolled and just letting it all hang out?
  10. Winchester Cowboy

    Kriegs and Late War Welding Process on Front and Rear Bands

    On the Welded Late war Bands: What Type of Welding? Gas or Electric Arc? Was it done manually by hand one at a time or somewhat automated?
  11. Winchester Cowboy

    Duffle Cut? Huh?

    Upon dissassembling a rifle last night I discovered I had a duffle cut stock under the rear band. The rifle was about $149.00 out the door. Looks to be epoxied with a shim for the saw blade thickness cut. It shoots very well. It's a byf44, complete bolt matches the rifle, front band matching...
  12. Winchester Cowboy


    From the factory, if K98 Extractors can turn Plum colored, does that mean any Blued K98 Part can also turn Plum as well? How many different factors/processes contribute to this condition? I've heard several. Also seems to occur on some S&W Handguns...
  13. Winchester Cowboy

    Turret Mount

    Turret Mount Bunny Mark? I have a Turret Mount (just the mount) with the Bunny Mark stamped on it. What year(s) did they put the mark on and did all mounts receive the stamp?
  14. Winchester Cowboy

    Zf41 Mount

    If they are on the tight side going on to the rails, were they meant to be put on dry, lightly oiled or lightly greased? I picked another one up (ar43) and I'm cleaning 60+ years of crud off of the rails and inside the machined mount surfaces. Amazing what comes out with paper towel, a cotton...
  15. Winchester Cowboy

    For only $1,000,000 at Craig Gottliebs: Hitler's Desk Set,0,5231358.story
  16. Winchester Cowboy

    237 k98 1939

    Here's my code 237 K98 1939. Do the slideshow for the full mauser effect. ***See Page 2 for Pictures***
  17. Winchester Cowboy



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