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    G98 barrel band variations

    Probably a foolish beginner question but I am seeing a batch of imperial marked and dated G98 with the type of rear lower stock barrel band which has the sling loop just placed through the hole in it without the flat pivot and then sling loop, if that is how to describe it. See pictures for what...
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    EWB marked G98 Spandau 1916 with unusual markings

    In my efforts to learn more, I have been reading past posts on this forum and I read one from Loewe which said that Spandau stopped producing G98 before Wars end, so some Spandau marked G98 with 1916-17 dates may of been made up of parts post war. This G98 pictured has unusual markings, so I...
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    WAFFENFABRIK MAUSER A-G OBERNDORF A. NECKAR 1916-17 G98 Turkish contract

    Hello Gentlemen, I am trying to learn more about Oberndorf made G98 supplied to Turkey in 1916-17. Some of these I have seen have obvious Turkish markings crudely added such as the half moon stamp. However others seem to have no foreign markings added so look like German used examples. Is there...
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    Unusual S/237 1937 dated some questions on this one for the experts

    Hi Gentlemen, Being a novice K98 collector I wonder if you can help me out with a few questions. I just saw this S/237 1937 dated K98. It has a three digit serial number, I am confused about this, as I thought all military issue had 4 digit serials? The three digit serial or last two digits are...
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    Help to date production of a 1940 dated 42 k98

    Hi, I am trying to work out when this K98 with 42 chamber marking and 1940 date was produced. Serial is 4377a . I looked online and I get conflicting dates From early to late 1940, so I thought this is the best place to ask here for the month it was made. Can you help? Thank you.

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