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    Assistance request, unknown markings on S/42

    Hi all, I am reaching out for assistance regarding a marking on my 1937 S/42 rifle. It is on the receiver ring, just next to the S/N & proof mark. It appears to be two straight line capital W's, over the top of each other with what appears to be an F at the top. It also has some interesting...
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    New member intro & request for assistance in production data

    Hi all, I am pleased to become a member as I think I will be seeking the combined wisdom on a semi-regular basis. I am a keen collector who owns a gun shop in Australia which specialises in collectable guns & due to the rarity of quality K98k's down under (mainly RC's) I have begun to import...
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    Help with unusual markings requested

    Hi everyone, I am a collector in Australia new to the forum. I am hoping someone can help me with identifying some very strange markings on a rifle I have purchased recently. In particular, I am wondering about the markings on the receiver & barrel which I haven't seen before. You will know what...

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