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  1. R.W. Parker

    Defining what constitutes a "Third Reich Training Rifle"

    I was again perusing Jim's opening treatise in this stickied thread from ten years ago... <Evidence that the War Office was involved in the proliferation of the Mauser Deutches Sportmodell is noted in the order/offer records recently brought to light in Jon Speed’s “Mauser Archive” Wooden and...
  2. R.W. Parker

    DSM "sear scars"

    This has to be the worst example of this I've seen, on an otherwise-pretty-nice Mauser DSM-36. And it got me to wondering -- these scars and digs HAVE to be the product of some impatient American, who couldn't take the time to observe the proper relationship between bolt and receiver. Just...
  3. R.W. Parker

    Don't lose this!

    The disconnector plunger for the Walther Modell I and II semi-auto carbines. Easy to lose (which is probably why my other two rifles didn't come with one), and not missed because the rifle will function without it. But when one dropped out of my newly acquired example, I said "Ah HA! I know...
  4. R.W. Parker

    Cleaning .22 rimfire bores...

    Since the advent of non-corrosive priming, the primary reason for cleaning a .22LR bore is to inspect it. For this purpose, I like to use a pull-through. Mine is the brush and chain from a surplus HK33 cleaning kit. The brush has soft synthetic bristles at either end, and bronze bristles in...
  5. R.W. Parker

    Resin MP-44
  6. R.W. Parker

    Belt Buckle Pistol

    Gen-You-Whine Nazzi SS belt buckle pistol sells for $16K:
  7. R.W. Parker

    Nazi-marked PPK in .22LR

    I always liked PPKs in "other than" the usual 7,65, particularly .22LR. Saw this one with Nazi eagle/N proofs, and it struck me as unusual. Are these rare? Richie
  8. R.W. Parker

    Mr. Farb, are you lurking?

    A friend would like to purchase a "scratch-'n-dent" set of Volume II. Is he too late? If not, please PM me with the price (I forget what it was), and how to pay. Thanks a million! Richie
  9. R.W. Parker

    Lehrensatz C

    A set of DDR inspection gages for the KK-MPi 69. This kit was likely made at Ernst Thalmann, Suhl, as were the trainers. Although the parts sets for these rifles dried up some time ago, I hung onto this kit because it’s cool. Interestingly, two extension sections and a handle (marked “5,45...
  10. R.W. Parker

    'Ampt question...

    Gentlemen, one of my older references suggests that WaA’s 63, 135, 655, S/147 and 147 are correct on parts that went into KAR98ks assembled by J.P. Sauer u. Sohn. Which of these might be encountered on a firing pin in a CE41? My m/m pin is marked “655”, and I was wondering whether this ‘ampt...
  11. R.W. Parker

    der Eden Kinderwagen

    Another fine product, from your friends at Gustloff-Werke...
  12. R.W. Parker

    E.L.24m.M. question...

    Has anyone a theory about why some of these floorplate inserts were "scruubed" and subsequently remarked with the Erma nomenclature?
  13. R.W. Parker

    byf44 d

    Matching throughout, perfect mirror-bright bore, very accurate shooter: (Photos never made it, let me try again!)
  14. R.W. Parker

    Little help?

    Might any of you guys have advice on how a lo-tech guy (me!) might purchase a copy of Bruno’s “145 German Smallbore Training Rifles”? My wife tried to use PayPal to order a copy for me, but that quickly turned to watery sh*t. PayPal initially indicated that the transaction went smooth, but...
  15. R.W. Parker

    VG 1,5 question...

    I just found this site while surfing around, and was wondering if a VG1,5 was actually worth $50K. Item #166 Richie
  16. R.W. Parker

    Volume 1 on eBay now
  17. R.W. Parker


    Guys, An old Peter Kokalis article (SGN/SAR) makes reference to a G29/30 (G29o). I've been digesting my recently acquired Volume 2, but I've yet to find any mention of this rifle. Did such a thing exist? Richie
  18. R.W. Parker

    Can I order Vol. II with my Visa card?

    I apologize if this isn't the correct place to post such a query, but I finally squirreled away enough cash to buy Volume II. Is there any way I can purchase those books with my Visa card, rather than going through Paypal? Many thanks, Richie
  19. R.W. Parker

    Ra 68?

    On the underside of the barrel on my Gustloff-Werke KKW, there is an "RA 68" marking in an oval. I presume this refers to a steel manufacturer, but I'm wondering if any of you fellows have doped this out further. Thanx! Richie
  20. R.W. Parker

    Parts exchange?

    My memory isn't very clear on this, but didn't there used to be a forum where a fellow could post a part that was mismatched on his K98k, along with the matching number and ampt that he needed? The longshot hope was for an exchange but, failing that, another might have a correctly...

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