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  1. mauser1908

    Amberg 1917

    Thanks Paul! I do recall seeing a G, I will take it apart this weekend and get some photos.
  2. mauser1908

    Gewehr 98 unit marking help.

    Reserve Pioneer Battalion of the 14th Armeekorps, 2nd company.
  3. mauser1908

    Amberg 1917

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  4. mauser1908

    Amberg 1917

    Very pleased to have found this 1917 Amberg, while a common rifle and a bolt m/m, the condition is anything but. It's by far the nicest rifle I own. I'm also happy to have a 1917 dated Amberg Gl.V. marked rifle, the 'u' block happens to be the first block they are observed on Amberg rifles...
  5. mauser1908

    1911 Bavarian Luger

    That’s a screamer Nick, congrats! The lack of the hold open retrofit makes this one all the more desirable. It’s as original as they come.
  6. mauser1908

    Mauser IG 1871/84 - which parts white?

    Gerst, there are scores of original 71/84s in the picture reference. I think you should start there.
  7. mauser1908

    16 Erfurt Kar98a

    That’s a screamer Marc!
  8. mauser1908

    A Garde Reunion

    Thanks guys I appreciate it!
  9. mauser1908

    A Garde Reunion

    I couldn’t help but share this set. I want to give a big thank you to Cyrus for making this possible.
  10. mauser1908

    G98 barrel band variations

    The bands on the left are for a Brazilian model 1908. They are often incorrectly advertised and sold as Gew98 bands.
  11. mauser1908

    Nice Original 1903 Spandau Gew 98

    It’s a beauty Chris! I’m glad another one in factory trim surfaced so quickly.
  12. mauser1908

    Stock re-stain project finally finished!

    Amen to that, lots of bandwidth being consumed here.
  13. mauser1908

    Armorers Parts

    I wanted to revive this thread, our group chat has had some robust discussion about armorer's parts. Cyrus had an interesting theory about the evolution in production capacity of the arsenal system post 1916. I will leave that for him to add. Anyway, it's likely that Amberg was the third big...

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