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    Whoa that’s expensive.

    WOW, that's really e WOW, That's really expensive
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    barrel lza stamp

    Picture look pixilated. How bout another picture
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    Newbie thread, Purchased and Vet Bring back k98 and 22trainer

    That's a nice find. They sure looks great
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    VG-5 / VK-98

    I'll call you lucky guy lol. They are so real
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    1942 G.24(t)

    That's a nice riflee. Thanks for sharing
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    New Simson serial number

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing
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    Infanterie Gewehr 71/84 Amberg 1887 23012

    That's a nice find. Thanks for sharing
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    Welcome to the forum buddy
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    New Guy

    Thanks buddy
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    Wow, Just Wow !!!!!

    Not his fault. He may not be aware of what it retails in current market
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    Byf44 going for $ 5,000.00 Why

    wtf!! That's an outrageous price. Sadly someone would pay it:(
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    Greetings from New York

    Good to have you on board!
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    New to this site

    Welcome to the forum
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    New Guy

    Stumbled across the site while researching springfield armory M1A. Been shooting most all my life and now that I'm retired there's more time for that and motorcycles. Have discovered there's a wealth of knowledge on this site and hopefully I'll be able to eventually contribute something...

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