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  1. Absolut

    I need help with this Hensoldt 4x

    Well, $ 100 would be a bargain, but over in Europe this is a $ 250 scope.
  2. Absolut

    Dialytan DKL

    Original WWII sniper scope. Someone failed to reblue the scope so decided he would give it a cover of black paint. Carefully strip this off, it will look better afterwards. When the paint is fully stripped one maybe based on traces of former scope ring position can tell which mount this scope...
  3. Absolut

    Walther (W) S/N 7373

    That is a very cool one, thanks for sharing. Love the serialized handguard.
  4. Absolut

    SS tanker unit deaths head Luger

    Turned up in Germany. First time I see a DH stamped center and not on right side. I wonder what you think of it.
  5. Absolut

    SS Kar 98 to K98k Rework For Review

    I think the number of 98a to 98k conversions are far too little anyway to think what they did in the field with a replacement request. Honestly, I think they'd scrap the rifle rather than to reproduce small ring action 98k swivel and barrel band configured stocks (remember originally those were...
  6. Absolut

    SS Kar 98 to K98k Rework For Review

    Personally I feel the stock was not period replaced. The SS would repair the rifle in their own workshop, and I don't think they would issue the rifle with a used and Wehrmacht-accepted stock. It appears to me that the SS 98a to K98k conversions all carry the Lazy S DH on the barrel shank. If...
  7. Absolut

    Tulsa show

    I know of some other collectors who store the items disassembled. That is the weirdest thing one can do and ensures the items looses most of its value because even if you can sell it yourself, after years many fail to find all parts (if not stored in the same place) or may not be able to fully...
  8. Absolut

    Interesting Zeiss Zielvier

    I already asked @Amberg on this scope yesterday - kowing he'll chime in here anyway as well I may translate and quote him hereby:
  9. Absolut

    I need help with this Hensoldt 4x

    What about next time asking prior to bidding/buying a certain item? :) Seriously though, I don't know if you a) can desolder scope rings such as those (you'll have to take apart the whole scope, desolder rings, file smooth the tube where the rings were sitting and then reblue the whole scope...
  10. Absolut

    Identifying rifle

    @Texasmade, highly looking forward to the pictures. Will you provide more? Or did someone in here already bought the rifle from you? :D
  11. Absolut

    Identifying rifle

    Looks like an original J. P. Sauer & Sohn made High Turret sniper rifle. And if this is not enough, it is scope matching numbers. Are all other numbers matching too? I noticed it has a walnut stock as well, not laminate. The yellow color might be due to the fact that it seems most of the finish...
  12. Absolut

    1942 G.24(t)

    That is a very nice rifle, despite the buttplate issue. Congratulations.
  13. Absolut

    Tulsa show

    Do you remember if any of them was with scope as well? Just curious.
  14. Absolut

    High turret? Real or fake?

    @Hercules 🍻
  15. Absolut

    High turret? Real or fake?

    So you think the front turret base is in the correct position then?
  16. Absolut

    High turret? Real or fake?

    Yes, you could update the rifle to High Turret. But as said the spacing between the scope bases seem to be incorrect. So if you try to install a scope with original spaced scope rings on incorrectly spaced bases it will not fit. Also, if you use reproduction bases, I don't know if they would fit...
  17. Absolut

    High turret? Real or fake?

    It took me some time to notice, but it seems the front scope block is not where it should be, but moved a bit towards the rear. Your pictures aren't the easiest ones to notice anything (hint for you, take the pictures so the [main] lines of the rifle are either horizontal or vertical, just like...
  18. Absolut

    Need post war scope advice for a sporterized Steyr 1895 carbine

    Wally, a few points: I have very mixed feelings on your thread in here. Not only is this forum focusing on German K98k rifles, especially up to 1945, and you are asking on an Austrian WWI rifle, so your request is off the topic of this forum. Secondly, from my impression this forum is - at least...
  19. Absolut

    High turret? Real or fake?

    Argentine LT bases, wrong way round installed. Plus lack of Eagle 135 acceptance on receiver. So cannot be an original German WWII. However, scope rings look promising. Would need more pictures of the scope rig though.
  20. Absolut

    Danuvia 39M submachine gun

    Thanks for the kind words. If you want/need any more details, just let me know - can take additional pictures!

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