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  1. Guillaume d'Orange

    "SP 12" stamp on an Erfurt 1908 Gewehr 98

    Hi everyone, I've came across a rifle with a stamp "SP 12" that I've never seen before (pic below). To my eyes, the font looks similar to the one of the usual Erfurt stamp, so it may have been applied at the arsenal. Does anyone have a clue about its meaning ? @Loewe ? Thanks, GO ne
  2. Guillaume d'Orange

    "Death from Above" book (2007 edition vs 1990 edition)

    Hi guys, I have the 1990 edition of "Death from Above: the German FG42 Paratroop Rifle" The 2007 new expanded edition is said to have "an Addendum containing 68 more pages and 122 new illustrations. The 2007 Addendum challenges everything previously known or assumed about the timetable of...
  3. Guillaume d'Orange

    Milled rear bands on a dot 43 and a dot 44

    Hi gents, I'm checking out two Brno rifles for sale, a dot 43 (c block) and a dot 44 (possibly ao block, thoughts are welcome if it is aa or aq instead). They are said to be all matching. Question is : both of them have milled rear bands, which looks wrong to me. Can you confirm it is ? I don't...
  4. Guillaume d'Orange

    SS2 stamp on a bnz42 "c" block

    Before calling this a turd, I wanted to run it through you gents. It is stamped on a bnz42, serial number is 3224, apparently c block. The seller says it's straight from the attic, but the rust has been cleaned up and this skull looks like it came from a warning sign (turd ahead !) Any thought ?
  5. Guillaume d'Orange

    Use of S.m.K (H) ammo - D.(Luft) 4600 manual

    Just found the text of a manual (1940) about the S.m.K (H)/SmK(H)/SmKH ammo here: The original text is German is below. In short, paratroopers shall use it against armored vehicles. The squad leader decides to issue the...
  6. Guillaume d'Orange

    Sauer LSR selling in France : turd ?

    Hello everyone, I came across this rifle and thought it looked wrong in almost every aspect. It is for sale in France (and has been imported from Germany apparently). Before calling out a turd, I would like your opinions. The icing on the cake is the "SSAZZ4" stamp on the right handside of the...
  7. Guillaume d'Orange

    Cleaning Procedures : gewöhnliche Reinigung, Hauptreinigung

    Hi gents, can anyone tell me if the cleaning procedures have been translated here on the forum or in the reference books (the 3 vol Bible or BBOTW) ? Obviously they are in the English translations of the Reibert or manuals. On the forum, there's this thread which mentions the Außerordentliche...
  8. Guillaume d'Orange

    Book about SS Contract Walther PP/PPK

    Hi gents, Ian McCollum speaks about a book regarding SS Contract Walther PP/PPK: It's not my area of interest. Although it looks like a short and focused book, McCollum mentions records in US archives of guns issued to SS personnel. It may have an interest for SS contracts fans on the forum...
  9. Guillaume d'Orange

    Pics of SS with SMGs : MP 28 and ?

    Hi everyone, I came across those pics (Totenkopf SS fellows during Barbarossa). The biker seems to have an MP 28, but what's the gun of the guy in the foxhole ? An MP 35 ?
  10. Guillaume d'Orange

    Pics of FG42s in Paris

    The "Musée de l'Armée" reopened and I realized there are 4 FG42s on display there (one is in the "Musée de l'Ordre de la Libération"). I've never seen an FG42 before and was stunned to see how compact this thing is (some 16cm shorter than a 98k) ! Unsurprisingly, the 4 of them were made by...
  11. Guillaume d'Orange


    Please delete thread
  12. Guillaume d'Orange

    From France to the USSR with the 23. Infanterie Division (color footage)

    I’ve found and watched this footage (1h30) mostly in color shot by an officer of the 23. Infanterie-Division: (Thanks mto7464 for this thread:, which led me to...
  13. Guillaume d'Orange

    Front sight adapter to shoot at 100m

    A French milsurp shop is selling an adapter to shoot at 100m. The owner says it is a replica from a tool that existed. Has anyone here seen an original one ? Otherwise said, is it true ...
  14. Guillaume d'Orange

    Question about dot 44 ag block

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a shooter, especially a dot 1944. Now I've identified one which is a mismatch (front and rear band), however I would like to know if you guys could tell me if it is a "period" mismatch (salvaged parts ?). In doubt I would rate it as a "recent" mismatch, and...
  15. Guillaume d'Orange

    Pistole 625 (f) / SACM PA 1935A

    Hi everyone, If there are some fans of this "Beutewaffe", the French periodical "Gazette des Armes" of this month published an article about it and model 1935 S. I don't know if this bookshop can ship to the US: I might buy one...
  16. Guillaume d'Orange

    Military Mauser 98 Accuracy: What Do The German Manuals Say?

    Interesting Youtube video about Mod 98 accuracy by "Bloke on the Range": Attached the result of his research.
  17. Guillaume d'Orange

    FB Vis of French Resistance Leader

    I was sorting some pics and thought this one may interest some of you. This is a FB Vis owned by Henri Rol-Tanguy, a Communist French Resistance leader: It has very probably been stolen/captured from the Wehrmacht, it is in good condition. It can be...
  18. Guillaume d'Orange

    S/243 1938 - Early Laminate Stock - Spotted then vanished

    Happy new year everyone, I had spotted an S/243 1938 on a French auction site, but then it vanished. The ejector box was mismatched, but had pre-war markings. The blueing was in good/very good condition. What it is interesting is the early laminate (matching) stock with the flat buttplate and...
  19. Guillaume d'Orange

    Bore Diameter Marking

    Hi everyone, I've been wondering about this overlooked bore diameter marking on the barrel. It may have been abandoned as part of the simplification/rationalization drive at the turn of 1942. ax, bnz, byf and ce seem to have dropped it before the end of 1941, while ar, bcd, duv may have...
  20. Guillaume d'Orange

    MP43/I for sale in France

    Hi everyone, a gunsmith in France is selling a piece "found" in an attic. It is presented as an all-matching MP43/I , modified to semi-auto. I won't buy it, but I post the pics for your enjoyment and to learn if it is indeed an original piece. Looks like an MP44 to me, there's no "ce" but a...

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