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  1. WreckTangle

    Multi-Quote Option

    Forum doesn't seem to have the multi-quote function activated--or does it-- as it did when we were using VB. Here is a Xenforo forum post on how to check if its turned on in the admin settings:
  2. WreckTangle

    Title under Avatar - How to Change

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARB Under your Avatar, you have "No War Eagles For You!" -- Farb how do you change this in your profile so it doesn't say Senior Member? I'm literally not seeing it and I've checked like 3 times, I'm probably blind and its right there in front of me.
  3. WreckTangle

    Mauser DSM-34 Weird Star Stamp Marking? Help Identifying?

    So I saw this Mauser DSM-34 in the 11,XXX range with a strange stamp on the right side of the rear sight. I have never seen a stamp like this on a DSM-34/KKW, appears to be a STAR stamp. Anyone know what it is? Pics attached.
  4. WreckTangle

    Thread Print Function

    VB had a feature under thread tools. that allowed you to cleanly print all the thread responses at once. I can't seem to find any feature in our XenForo forum. Anyone know if this feature is available? Or, there exists a plugin we could install?
  5. WreckTangle

    Sling Identification

    Images attached are of a DSM34 training rifle. A little stumped on the sling. I'm pretty sure its not a DSM34 or KKW sling because those had the buckles stiched into the leather. The one with the attached images has what looks to be a rivet on the back. Help always appreciated! ~Will
  6. WreckTangle

    A Very Rare BSW Trainer

    So, I picked this up awhile ago because it perked my interest. The seller claimed it was a KKW, but I knew it was something really special, just not sure what. Luckily I was able to keep my mouth shut and take it home. I and several forum members have spent a good amount of time studying the...
  7. WreckTangle

    RIA: Walther DSM-34 with ZF41 Scope

    Don't know much about these. Seems pretty cheap at $1,600. Legit? I know pictures are crap, but its what is availible.
  8. WreckTangle

    Gustloff KKW Gunbroker 7600? From our famous Gunbroker friend Gunsrc; I present to you a $7,600.. not a typo.... Gustloff. ULTRA RARE OF THE ULTRA RARE, ONE OF 5 of 6...... yadda yadda.. I think I've seen at least 10 of these (rifles burned unit marked) since I've been a member...
  9. WreckTangle

    DSM-34 Project - High Turret or Short Side Rail or Objective Mount?

    So, I'm looking at a jacked up DSM-34. I've always wanted to to turn a DSM-34 into a sniper clone of a k98 and this one might make a good candidate. It would take some work, like the mounts needing to be scaled to the DSM-34 receiver and machined... etc... Possibly a high turret, short side...
  10. WreckTangle

    JGA DSM-34 1st and 2nd Logo Varations

    Figured I'd post some eye candy for you JGA fans. A few years ago I got lucky and was able to grab a JGA DSM-34 as my first trainer. After picking it up from my FFL and holding it in my hands, I fell in love. After months of significant peer pressure, I convinced my father to get a trainer and...
  11. WreckTangle

    AC45 Stock Replacement - Does This One Look Good?

    A few years ago, I got super lucky and snatched up a AC45 Dual Lug that is in excellent condition, seperate the stock, at an auction in the middle of no where... No one knew what it was. Looked in a trashcan and there were 3 more mags, which I got for free! Problem is that it was duffle cut at a...
  12. WreckTangle


    Just got a new large format scanner so I figured I'd scan this as a test and post. Title Translates as: Wa16 - THE AMMUNITION FOR HANDGUNS ETC. The "Wa" are Training manuals/Weapon boards (Waffentafeln), I believe there are 32 of them. Format is a Tri-fold. This one appears to be going over...
  13. WreckTangle

    DSM-34 Sniper > K98 Snipers

    Wow, pretty sure this is legit. Empire Arms sold it back in, I believe 2002...? I did a boolean search and found it. Amazing, if its real. The work is so good it's the best I've ever seen. It's a GECO receiver, but I don't know much about the scope or rings. Anyone ever seen a Landlicht? Also...
  14. WreckTangle

    Rough Forged: A History and Collector's Guide to German Self-Loading Rifles of WWII

    EXCITED! :hail: Seems like Darren is moving right along. Pulled this off his website for the less informed. Best add it to your calendar before they sell out and start going for $600 on ebay. (19 MAR 20) Well, sorry to say the big Tulsa show has been...
  15. WreckTangle

    High Turret Questions

    I have limited experience and knowledge about k98 snipers. But, I believe from my research on the forum, that my uncle's neighbor's k98 is a byf44 high turret. Unfortunetly, from what I've been told it's missing the scope. What type of scope would be correct for a HT rifle of this period...
  16. WreckTangle

    Some help with a BSW 625 C or L Series

    Have a chance at getting a BSW 625 L at auction in the next week. Hoping some of you could provide some answers to a few questions I have. There has been some discussion online about the 625 C and L model variations. According to the threads the two can be confused between one another due to...
  17. WreckTangle

    Hitler's Personal Parade Car Postcard

    Thought you all might like seeing this, pretty unique!
  18. WreckTangle

    MP44 Buttstock Manual

    Picked this up at an estate sale. Looking to sell it to pay for some other items I bought but wanted to make sure it is authentic first.
  19. WreckTangle

    Question about Repo Stocks K43 AC45 C Block

    Have an all matching K43 Ac45 Dual Guide in the 54XX C Block that was crappily duffle cut, heavily sanded and lacquered. Now before you all puke all over your keyboards I got a great deal on it at an auction where A) no one knew what it was and B) I found 3 mags in a rubbermaid container with...
  20. WreckTangle

    DSM34 Bolt Ejection Issue: Questions for the Experts

    I purchased a 1935 Waffenstadt receivered DSM34 and am having some issues with the rifle ejecting the shells. Some notes: Upon inspection the bolt's s/n doesnt match the rifle. The stock is missing the correct Waffenstadt Haenel maker stamp. So I think this may be a put together from other 22...

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