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  1. dingo

    50 Round Suomi Coffin mags

    Hi. Got some of these in stock now. D
  2. dingo

    G41W/ G43/ Gerat 03

    Hi. Would there be an marked for new made rifles of those modells in USA?. What would be a price range people would pay for rifles like that on the US marked? Trying to se if it is possible to bring them on the marked. Dingo
  3. dingo


    Hi. Had some time at the range today, with the BD1-5 (Gustloff VG1-5). This is possible one of the strangest guns I have ever fired, but it was bloody cool!!!!!. I rely hope that ATF approves this, it dont have many of the 'dangerous assault rifle features" so I hope it will be ok.
  4. dingo

    MP45 Magazine

    Hi. I got this magazine together some other mags. Anyone se something wrong with it? It have the wrong floor plate but, anything else?. Thanks
  5. dingo


    Hi. Want to show you this one that came today. This one is going to ATF for aproval
  6. dingo

    SSD Modern

    Hi . I dont know if this is interesting for you ???
  7. dingo

    Ssd mp38l

    Hi here is the copy of the 38l ( Light) . There is only one existing, and it is in the army museum in Prag. It is completly in aluminium .
  8. dingo

    SSD Bergman 35/1

    Hi here is some pics !
  9. dingo


    Hi i want to show you this reare pistol.

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