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  1. WreckTangle

    TURD ALERT.....

    Give credit where credit is due. How many GB sellers would revise their listings these days once called out?
  2. WreckTangle

    Multi-Quote Option

    Forum doesn't seem to have the multi-quote function activated--or does it-- as it did when we were using VB. Here is a Xenforo forum post on how to check if its turned on in the admin settings:
  3. WreckTangle

    Title under Avatar - How to Change

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARB Under your Avatar, you have "No War Eagles For You!" -- Farb how do you change this in your profile so it doesn't say Senior Member? I'm literally not seeing it and I've checked like 3 times, I'm probably blind and its right there in front of me.
  4. WreckTangle

    Gustloff KKW E/749

    Pretty late Gustloff KKW and its all correct for a late war produced rifle. Next to mine, this is one of the best bluing and what remains of it that I've seen. I don't know why but most of the Gustloffs I've seen just have crappy remaining bluing, they are just heavily worn. Is the stock...
  5. WreckTangle

    Scope advice/ suggestions needed es340b

    I think this might be one of them... but $800 is WAY over priced. Doesn't have the correct mounts
  6. WreckTangle

    Scope advice/ suggestions needed es340b

    Do you have the either Bruno or Simpson's trainer book? I think they have them in there for .22s... i have an advertisement from the 30s that has the correct scopes... but im out of town. Ill try and locate it online. I've also seem some on ebay.
  7. WreckTangle

    MS350b Rear Trigger Guard Screw.

    I think there was some screws on ebay and they wanted like 150 or something crazy, dont quote me on price... .I mean crap you might as well just get a banger, keep the screws and part out the other stuff on ebay... But luckily we have Fal and he doesn't make junk for sure, he makes top notch...
  8. WreckTangle

    KKW bolt

    +1 to you. That's what we like to hear and what makes this place a great community. That's what its all about helping out our AWESOME trainer community, eh the 8mm guys, eh they are okay.
  9. WreckTangle

    This a good deal? - G43 with duffle cut - what's wrong with it??

    So with BP and S/H and Tax it went for around ~$2500 which is about inline for current market prices for something like this. It would make a good shooter, if you got the stock fixed, as others here previously mentioned we have some great woodworkers here on the forums. Just slap a repo good...
  10. WreckTangle

    KKW bolt

    Well I'm not sure about KKW bolts, but DSM34 bolts typically go for 250-300 on ebay--as long as they are in good condition and the seller isn't trying to get 600 for it (overpricing)
  11. WreckTangle

    So what are realistic prices for a good K98 sniper rifle?

    Forgot to mention, as an example, Russian Captures were going for like $700 before COVID now they are up past 1k..... Also, Mitchell Mausers (TOTAL P.O.S Guns, even worse than the turds you see on GB) are going for like $1,800-$2,000 its freaking crazy. I remember going to Interarms Retail...
  12. WreckTangle

    So what are realistic prices for a good K98 sniper rifle?

    LOL, no. Never go by those price guides they are worthless You not going to be shooting any authentic sniper. You could get a humped turd, but those are now going for just as much as real ones.... dumb people bidding on stuff they don't know which drives up the market cost for all other k98s...
  13. WreckTangle

    Value question

    I totally agree... how many AC45s do you see vs qve45s? and out of those qve45s how many are unmolested? Not many, I rarely see them--of course Virginia sucks, there is never anything good around here it sucks. The problem with AC45s, is 90% of the time the stock was sanded because Walter left...
  14. WreckTangle

    Mauser DSM-34 Weird Star Stamp Marking? Help Identifying?

    So I saw this Mauser DSM-34 in the 11,XXX range with a strange stamp on the right side of the rear sight. I have never seen a stamp like this on a DSM-34/KKW, appears to be a STAR stamp. Anyone know what it is? Pics attached.
  15. WreckTangle

    Mauser DSM price check

    Mauser99 is exactly right on there being plenty of MAUSER made DSM-34s out there, out of all manufacturers they made the most and by a lot--30-40k more made. Sling was there, but it broke off and only a little piece is sticking out right side of the sling slot. Nothing present on the left...
  16. WreckTangle

    Russian Capture Madness

    Yea prices are crazy. I remember when RCs were in whiskey barrels and could be yours for $250 at Potomac Arms aka Interarms retail store in Alexandria, VA. To credit Centurion Auctions, I bought a RFSS DSM34 from them that was duffle cut back in 2018. Upon receiving the rifle, it was apparent...
  17. WreckTangle

    Mauser DSM price check

    The wood appears in good condition which is a big plus. The bluing looks too dark for me, but that's probably just the light from the photos. I've seen a lot better metal and a lot worse. Shame its missing the sling, looks like some of it is still in the sling slot. The metal appears to have...
  18. WreckTangle

    Mauser DSM price check

    Prices on trainers are all over the place. Consider Simpson on the high end. A lot of sellers will see this rifle and be like omg it’s a Mauser so it’s worth more $$$$ yet they don’t know that Mauser made the most dsm34s …. You can find Mauser DSM34s any day of the week. What are they asking?
  19. WreckTangle

    Double Sniper on GB

    Has been relisted Someone escaped the jaws of death
  20. WreckTangle

    Rare 4th Reich Sniper

    Ahhhh good old commonwealth selling more nazzzzzzzyssssseeeee gooooodies

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