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Thread: Blank Firing MP38, Made In Ukraine

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    Default Blank Firing MP38, Made In Ukraine

    Wanted: K98 Dou-42 bolt 5235b, and Port. bayonet G19383

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsmgguy View Post
    It's a pot metal replica that looks good in the pictures.
    The BFA doesn't adjust, the material is brittle and the action is delicate, it is unreliable so no good for movie work, and possibly not even for the cats that play dress up at the weekends with their friends.
    (That's if you could legally get one into the US. I tried to use it in two European productions.)

    That's my post in MP40 replica gun forum (bottom of the thread) and also on the MP44 section of the Thompson forum.

    If you're going the BFONG route the Indianapolis Ordnance BFONG's are superior.
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