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1942 dou

Peter S

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I got this from a buddy of mine a few years back. He had bought it and while he was cleaning it, he noticed that the floorplate was numbered 1240 instead of 1246. I told him it was probably a factory mismatch and not to worry about it. From that point he wanted nothing to do with the rifle, so I helped him out. Not an easy code/year to find.

dou 42 01.jpgdou 42 02.jpgdou 42 03.jpgdou 42 04.jpgdou 42 05.jpgdou 42 06.jpgdou 42 07.jpgdou 42 08.jpgdou 42 09.jpgdou 42 10.jpgdou 42 11.jpgdou 42 12.jpgdou 42 13.jpgdou 42 14.jpgdou 42 15.jpg
no block letter on the bolt root, is that typical of dou 42 rifles? nice to see it in the bc. Always nice to help a friend!
We wanting matching numbers because it tells us the rifle is factory original. This is clearly a factory error which means it is still a factory original rifle.

Very nice rifle.
Nice rifle, made in Slovakia in 1942, i assume the floorplate could be changed even by cleaning by soldiers by unit, when they got a consecutive numbers, the 6 and 0 looks very similar.
That was certainly ridiculous on his part and good for you. I would have been happy to 'help him out' as well. I really like it!
I have dou 42 98K 5235b. It was taken as a souvenir by my uncle at the surrender of St. Nazire in May, 1945. He boxed it up and shipped it home to his grandfather. I inherited it in 2003. It's in nice shape, with a perfect bore. I'm still looking for the original bolt.
Thank you all for looking and commenting. I was very happy to acquire the rifle even with the (factory) mismatched floorplate.

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