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1944 CYQ, friend said where he picked it up but I can’t read his writing.


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I have a 1944 CYQ a long deceased friend picked up in the Italian alps near the end of the war. On a box of 9mm cartridges he wrote where he picked it up, and most of the words are obvious, but I can’t tell where near Lake Como he actually found it. Any thoughts appreciated.


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It sort of looks like it maybe says "San" something? Lala? Lalo? I Google mapped the area around Lake Como but would need further investigation!
Do you know what unit he was in?
Looks like 1st Armored, which checks out since it entered Milan in April 45. Not sure what "5 MD" could be though. Something medical?

The town might be Lentate sul Seveso. It's 20 miles north of Milan on the road to Como.
As a bit more history to this, my friend served as an officer with the Yankee Division in France during WW1 and then as a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War and finally as a military historian with the 1st Armor winding up in northern Italy by the end of the war as unit historian. He carried his WW1 1911 pistol through out the war. I have is entire WW1 rig, 1911, holster, Mills belt, and ammo pouch with two WW1 mags. Clearly didn’t shoot anything during WW2 as the mags in the pouch are full of 1917-18 cartridges. I suspect the 5MD might have something to do with military historians, today they are called MHD officers. at any rate still looking for the place he picked up the CYQ.
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Here are photos of the CYQ, JULY 1944. It appears virtually unfired since the factory. There are some nicks that look very much like capture pile damage. Bore is stone mint. I’ll post his 1911 in a few days.


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