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4 Book Set Fair Market Value?


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I have the 4 book "limited edition run" of 500 for the series, and was wondering the genuine value of the whole set. I see individual books likes Kriegsmodell V3 and Prewar V1 listed for almost 500 on some sites, while here on the forum they sell for much less of course. I was wondering the approximate fair, movable value of the whole set. I DO NOT plan on selling these ever, but the information regarding value goes onto a large computer file attached to my will so my family is not left with a burdensome collection to try and find the value of if I were to pass away unexpectedly. (I may be posting requests for some other books to this thread in the future)


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Current fair market value seems to be, v3 $350-$400, v1 $250, v2 $150. I don’t know if numbered sets add value but to me it does, matched maybe add 10%? I expect V2 sets to rise to the v3 value in a few years since we are done selling them.

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