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8 MG-42 mg vs VAN!!!


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I had beautiful Grossfuss 42. After a day at the range you were beat to a pulp and covered with bruises and burns from shell casings. It was like someone dumping a bucket of coals under you. The barrel was so hot you had to wait 30 minutes before you could put it in the car. Fantastic weapon! So far ahead of it’s time. Very cool video!


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It really starts to make sense why Germany was comfortable with the concept of going into war with a bolt action rifle. The rifles were merely backup for the MG34/42.


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The tracers really show the cone of fire produced. It's pretty awesome. It sounds like in a couple of them they are shooting lower velocity rounds or have a heavier spring kit as the RPM is slower, sounds like 800 not 1000 to 1200.

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