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98k Bayonet - Factory Mismatch ?

Tom Steil

This 98k bayonet is stamped '7095n' on the blade but the scabbard is stamped '7195n'. 100 numbers off.

The other side is maker stamped '42fnj' on both the blade and scabbard.

Could this be an old story of a factory mismatch? Has anybody ever seen such an animal?

Let me know if more pictures might help.


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I would tend to opinion it could be unit missmatch,done by the unit.but there could be even factory mistake.


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While not a bayonet expert I try to take these things as presented. I'm mostly in favor of factory error as we've seen this of course before and I think quite easy to mistakenly grab an ajacent stamp. IIRC they were often delivered in batches of xx number of items so I suppose unit error could also be possible?


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I concur with Andy. Bayonet could have been become mismatched after issuance. Regarding mismatching from the factory, I don't think the number of the scabbard was miss-struck. During final assembly, when the bayonets were mated up with their matching numbered scabbards, 7095n was mistakenly done so with 7195n. In all likelihood, this resulted in bayonet 7195n getting the scabbard from 7095n as well. This scenario or with transposed serial numbered parts, is not uncommon during final assembly, for Kar98k and other rifles as well.


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There is something with last digit 5 on bayonet? it looks like reserialed? should be examined withmagnifying glass.
I also recently got a mismatch off by 110 numbers. Able to take pics today.

Would the case mostly be: Unit mismatches due to equipment/personel attrition, factory due to error ?

I believe the pomel 407 is postwar markings.

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This is a postwar refurbished piece, there are reported many missmatches of C and D range, here certainly not a factory missmatch, it was used by some other country postwar, i assume there is rivet in mouth piece, the 407 on pommel could be for balkan country, the locking lug looks like not surfaced with pommel, same as the screw near pommel is not correct replacement, i would tend to opinion the right wood grip is too replacement or the hole for countersunk was made larger? the blade is in nice condition still even after using.

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