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I bought a beautiful Norwegian Kongsberg off another forum this winter that was built RIGHT after the Germans left the country…
I thought that would be as close as I’d ever get to a German marked one with the dirty birds on it.
Well, Sunday I scored this one on Gunbroker.
It has a few issues- some small mismatched parts, mismatched barrel but it’s German stamped and somewhere along the way the front sight post was filed a little bit.
I scored it for just under 5k with all the fees and shipping etc.
They seem to be averaging 7k or more even if they aren’t completely matched, so I’m super happy to have one of the 920 that got German marked. Hoping to have it in my hands next week.
I’ll be trying to figure out if the front sight can be replaced without messing it up.
But as it is, it is probably the rarest piece I’ll ever own.


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I bought a beautiful Norwegian Kongsberg.... one of the 920 that got German marked.
First off congrats on the score but 920?? What were they whittling them out of a block of steel by hand? What kind of 'production' quantity is that? Honestly shocked to see that low of a number.


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I should have been more specific.
Only 920 were German stamped - the WaA /Eagle.
I understood that. It stills seems odd to me based on what they did at nearly? every other facility they got control of. Wonder why 'only' 920 and not all production?


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The Norwegians were very good at doing what they were told, very very slowly and with the minimum of effort. Thus screwing up the German war effort.

That's probably the best and most subtle way of engaging in sabotage. Very long production times, over-finishing, over-polishing, etc. The workers at FN in Belgium did the same thing.
Well the Germans first utilized the existing stockpiles of the Kongsberg that were at the factory early in the occupation period, as many probably know it was only the end of war production that was eagle/Waffenampt stamped


Congrats. The ones after serial 30534 are not nearly as desirable. Basically parts pistols. Your latest purchase is the most desirable. I picked up a 1942 with original holster and very rare mag pouch. I have my eyes on a 1945 from the same seller as well as a 1914.


Nice pistol and a shame it’s not all matching. Any 1914 Norwegian pistol is desirable with the German marked ones the most desirable and clearly the most expensive. The non German marked later production pistols are not “ basically parts pistols” and generally bring the same or more than the earlier non German marked ones as a lot of them are essentially new and completely matching.

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