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A little disappointed with Vol 3


For those that are still posting, please see post #55. I am complying with mrfarb's request. If you want to discuss things, please take it to PM.



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Hilarious.. first an obsession with two pages, then he finds a common "error" he tries to mock the authors and proof-readers with, then lets us know "opinions" can't be "wrong" or "judged" (which is absurd, opinions are very often wrong and almost always judged...), and now he wants to redesign the cover and all the pictures used in the book to the exclusion of American GI's holding German rifles...

Yes, I am sure many will flock to carry on this obsession of yours through direct communications. Get a life Barney Fife...

For those that are still posting, please see post #55. I am complying with mrfarb's request. If you want to discuss things, please take it to PM.



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Well then...



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As one of the authors of Kriegsmodell I can tell you your opinion counts. I'm printing out your suggestions on soft paper for later use.

Mike, Some people just can't be pleased. Your book is by far the best book on K98s and one of, if not the best, books on a WWII weapon. I would pay little attention to someone who has time to complain about 2 pages. Thanks for your hard work.


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Mike, you and Bruce, have done the collecting fraternity a great service by publishing your outstanding books. I can not wait for the next volume to be published. Those who seek to denigrate your books, and the immense effort you guys put into the books, are beneath contempt.

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"Douchebaggery at it's Finest".

"Masturbation at the Highest Level"


Just got my Kriegsmodell Vol. 3 yesterday. I flipped through it and saw some beautiful pictures. I own an all-matching dou44, so that was my main interest. Nice details about that rifle. I will say I am a bit disappointed with one thing; flipping through the book I found two pages dedicated to the STG44, along with pictures. While it may be interesting and historically informative to know that certain 98k factories switched production to that rifle, I bought the book to read about the late-war 98k. There are other, more detailed books on the STG44, and if I wanted to know about that rifle, I would buy them. I would have much preferred more pictures of Kriegsmodell rifles, rather than what I consider "filler" pages about the STG44. I am sure there are plenty or people on this forum, including myself, that would have been happy to send in very nice pics of their Kriegsmodell rifles for use in the book. Here's mine:

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I am writing a scratch and smell book on European world war used underpants to sell to Americans.

Are you taking pre-orders?

I do not mean to excite you RyanE but it is the book to be sold not the used underpants.


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Hey Deputy,
Since those 2 pages have ruined the book for you, I can understand you not wanting to look at it. Me on the other hand, I have no problem with learning a little more about the K98k and related production. I would even be willing to take that offending book off your hands. Of course now that you have taped or pasted pictures in it, it is not in it`s original configuration and has lost value. I`d be willing to pay postage for it. PM me .


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OP, I feel your pain and share your anger.

But my disappointment is even more morally devastating and emotionally damaging than the pain and suffering inflicted from being viciously ambushed and brutally attacked by photos of a Stg 44 in a book about 98k's .

It is my understanding that nowhere in these books is there a chapter dedicated to sporterized Carcano rifles, In-And-Out Burger's famous "Double-Double" burger (2 meat patties and 2 slices of cheese!), and vintage ladies' bicycle seats.

I'm sorry, but a set of books on Mauser rifles that does cover these subjects is like coffee without, it is worse than that, it is like coffee with salt instead of sugar.

I may never be able to walk straight again due to the resulting butt-hurt from this outrage.

You will be hearing from my lawyers shortly.
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My lawyer's name is not shortly, but I can proudly say that I shot the sheriff, but should have shot the deputy instead. duh.


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Haha! Wow. Surely, this guy had to be trolling or something! :laugh:

He just mad that there wasn't no photos of Mexican black velvet paintings of Jesus, Elvis, and clowns. And they got to be color photos, cuz black and white just don't do them no justice, u-no?


I have to agree, including photos of MP44's and information was directly related and proof of the code change at Steyr to swjXE, and the JP Sauer MP44 was shown to show the use of blue finishes even on late 45 dated MP44's. The swjXE MP44's are accepted as legitimate, but many collectors disregard the swjXE 98k because they don't believe the code was real- the inclusion of that information was important. However, if that's your only gripe I guess that's a win? :facepalm:

By the way, most of the photos that are submitted by collectors are not up to the quality needed for print.

As a commercial photographer, I looked at the picture posted for example by the "other" member. The lighting and lack of shadows was good, but I would never submit it for print due to low resolution, inappropriate background, and the rifle top should have been tilted more toward the camera. . Funny how he posted a pic to show what great photos you could have used, and, as an example, posted a sub-par pic.

I know most of the pics that I post in these groups is substandard, but I've gotten lazy and use my i-Phone for personnel, non-paid, work.
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