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A local friend of mine offered me his K43 for $3200. He and I normally collect and swap Czech weapons and field gear so this is very much out of my wheelhouse. I have ordered the Weaver book for future reference. He's putting it up on his wall tomorrow so I am trying to do my due diligence today.

I was hoping for some input on a few issues with the rifle. First off - its badly sanded and finished. There is a tack weld on the release lever on the mount. It looks like a repro based on comparing images to other threads but hoping for any definitive info. Scope appears original. Optics aren't fantastic and there's definitely some delamination of the balsalm and fungus. On closer inspection the bolt carrier/shroud has a significant crack.

If the stock wasn't messed with I would have walked away with it. I am now trying to gather as much information as I can to make a good decision. It's really such a damn shame about the stock.

Thank you for any help.


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that's an easy pass at that price... just the stock being heavily worked over Is a negative.. scope is in poor shape. Mount is a cheap Sarco type repro.. The bolt carrier is of interest due to the machining flaw and its an un-numbered factory piece.
It would be a pass for me at that price and known issues. The bolt carrier could be welded but you have to be good at it. The metal being that thin you would possibly make it much worse. I've fixed them that looked like that but it can be tricky. The tack on the mount could have been done 100 times better. At that price, no thank you
Apfeltor could fix it and you'd never know it was fixed, but that's throwing money into a shooter and it would be pretty expensive. With the carrier's defect I wouldn't shoot it until it was fixed properly. Was it a poor heat treatment, a bad casting? Who knows, that wouldn't feel great if it broke and flew into someone's face. Others have mentioned the stock already. I'd pass, you can do a lot better for not much more than that.

It’s on gunbroker now.

When I passed on it I mentioned the issues to him in person and he couldn't be bothered. Seemed to think it would sell itself and maybe hes right.

Notice he makes no mention of the crack and there is no photo of it in his listing. Somebody's going to be unhappy and I'm glad it aint me.

Hopefully the additional photos I posted help others steer clear.
If they are smart, they will contact me before buying. I keep a serial number listing of these with all the details and any history I have on one.

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