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AC45 p38


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I’m considering selling this to a friend. I’m looking to see what your opinion is of its value as a “friend” price.
It’s a mismatched AC45 that the guys over on the P38 forum say was one assembled for the GI’s that captured the Walther plant in 1945. It made on a C block frame produced by FN, has a D block slide and a D block barrel and unnumbered locking block. The finish is original and comes with one original mag.


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A mismatch GI build, but with a FN frame, d block slide and barrel its got more than enough advantages over any other gun like it!

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What does the grip strap finish look like? And, does the de-cocker/hammer lowering lever work? If those are good to go, then I will estimate a little higher and say around $1,000 or a tad more. The "d block" part and FN part makes it a little more special. Looks like a nice pistol.
I have a similar mismatch all c block ac45 with a FN frame that I paid $750 for three years ago. The decocking lever doesn’t work on mine and I have learned that it doesn’t work on most of these cigarette guns as they were assembled quickly for the US GIs.

I’d love to find one with D block parts someday!

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