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Ajack 4x90 help


Hi. I have opportunity to buy this Ajack 4x90 with 450£. I'm not very good with these scopes so if anyone can offer help identifying this I'd appreciate it. I've seen ajacks with focus ring and I'm wondering why this one doesn't have one. I've also seen that the turret locking screw is at the opposite side. Is there several models of ajack 4x90 or what is the case?

Should have known better. I'm pretty sure that the quy offering it was a scammer. I found these exact same pictures from the internet with a bit of search.
I can not address the possible sales scam but the scope itself looks legit and the typical configuration provided for military use from about the 42 or 43 thousand range thru about 55,000. This one would date to very late 1943 or earlier 1944 (more likely). It appears to be possibly refinished. The focus ring version AJacks are found below the serial range above and were used on SSR and they were also made after the war in similar but slightly different details.
The Ajack 4x90 was a commercial scope. The SS was not military, hence the scopes they purchased featured regular focal adjustment. The military did not want focal adjustment, but it seems the first scopes used on SSR mount nevertheless sometimes featured focal adjustment, probably for lack of supply they took those too. Especially with the turret mount the focal adjustment had to be left out for the knob would be in the area where the rear ring is located. Speaking of that, the earlier Ajack scopes lacking the focal adjustment had small plates on the outside where normally the ring for the focal adjustment would be; later that was replaced by a small screw only. Also the location of the plate did move from top to bottom (but we're getting into deep detail, and I hope I currently quote my memory correct - others please correct me if I am wrong).
The extended sunshield btw was a later addition which was also missing from early military Ajack, so unless the scope is Finnish contract (I know, yet another detail - and to make it more complicated, not all Finnish contract scopes had the focal adjustment...) you will not find an Ajack with extended sunshade that also has focal adjustment.

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