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AJACK K98k Sniper Sporter SOLD on GB for review. BYF SN 53917 i block


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Hi all,

Just wanted to start a thread on this rifle that sold on GunBroker yesterday!

Link to sold listing:

Photos are below in the thread.

Anyone here purchase it?

Let's hear some thoughts... on the rifle and the price it went for.

I thought the rifle action, scope, rings, and mounts all looked real good, but it is a shame it no longer has the original stock, handguard, and stock hardware. It was still cool to see it out there nonetheless.
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Way over priced. Missing the matching stock, hand guard and barrel bands. Rear ring has been messed with also.

Id rather have a scope mismatch with an untouched rifle. Not sure why people go crazy just because the scope matches but the rest of the rifle is a mess.
Matching turret is 16k now in that shape, so it sold for half price if you don’t add all the fees. Ajack scope probably lifted price slightly. Probably the new normal - but I concur I’d personally rather have all original rifle with mismatched scope over matching optic with mismatched stock set. It’s a personal preference.
It’s not common to find, either for sale or in collections, turret set ups with factory matching optics. This being a 1944 i block would date it to approximately October 1944. Nice to be able to establish a reference point, albeit this is just one, for a 49,000 range Ajack factory applied to an October 44 build. Based on on other information that I have collected this tells us that about 2500 ( more or less) Ajack scopes were installed between September 1943 and October 1944. Not necessarily all turret mounts I would suppose and certainly not all high turrets in that time frame.
I might value a matching stock over a matching optic assembly…..depends on which day I’m asked but I certainly without even a seconds thought would value either of those (along with about 6-8 other qualities)’over a matching bolt. As someone wrote above, “that’s just me”, but it’s not even close for me.
That Monte Carlo style stock with the check rest was extremely popular on sporting rifles from the early 1950s-1960s. I can not make out the name or logo on the buttplate but it is at least very similar to some of the choices Herters offered in their catalogs during that same period. It looks like really nothing major was done other than dropping it in that stock. I wonder if the original wood was put back and later lost or if it was tossed when the rifle was put in that stock, it makes no difference now I guess. The good news is that a Mauser made 1944 stock would be the single easiest stock to find based on production numbers and late war survival. Yes wood and bands would be mis matched from the rifle and maybe each other unless a bolt mm donor was sacrificed (a shame) but for say under another $500-$600 a really nice sniper could be achieved with most of its integrity and plenty of meat left over to pay for therapy sessions to help overcome all the collector feeling’s of inadequacy in owning a mismatch rifle that’s been, OMG, “touched”.

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