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Another single rune - with Iraqi markings?


This one is interesting. Single rune 1944 BNZ except this one has some other interesting markings. Iraqi? There are no import marking on this rifle anywhere. Nothing matches except the bolt to itself. The photo of the last marking on the stock is too large so I’ll post a link to it in a follow up post.

What say you? As always, thank you! And happy Thanksgiving.



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Awesome. Really good info. Thoughts on the rune? Legit or faked? And how could it have made its way back to the USA with no import markings?
In agreeance with Zep. I’m no expert but after reading through the K98 books and all the info on this forum about SS rifles (Farb is incredible with this stuff), I feel like it’s legit. Would like to see more weigh-ins.
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