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Ar 42


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Picked this up a few years ago, posted on another forum when I got it but first time on this one. Hope you like it as much as I do



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I love it- just the right amount of wear and honest use. Beautiful example for sure. I really like that sling marking too.
Very nice Stephen, and a hard code to find. Pic stickied for reference.
I agree, and I would go further to say that in original-matching condition it is the hardest "1942" dated 98k to find. Even tougher if you exclude the so-called dual codes (bcd/ar) finished by MB in 1942, which actually represent half of MB 1942 production in trends work.

The ar/42 also has a very large rc rate in trends work.

Next time you take the rifle apart, jot down the barrel code, as MB ar/41 & ar/42 are two of the least reported year/code.

... a hard code to find...

Yours fits with others in this range, - earlier in the c-d block they have lot coded barrels from 1941, then the 1941 barrels drop lots and then start with them again in the late 1942 production ("k-l" block)

Between the c-d and k-l blocks of 1942 none so far have lot numbers, only the blank provider, usually like yours with Döhlen, or sometime Edelstahlwerke.

Nice rifle!
there was a beauty of an ar42 for sale last week on gunbroker. didn't sell and top price was $1900. was there something wrong with it ( E26 on stock maybe)?
I ordered one of the RGuns RC Barreled actions last week, and a no-suffix 1942 "ar" showed up. Even though it is pretty tired, thought you guys might want a look.

In case it is hard to pock out of the photo, the number on the bottom of barrel is 57 41 D Ö followed by Waffenamt 26

I assume the "41" part is 1941, but can anyone tell me what the rest means means?



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Welcome to the forum.

Do a right receiver shot? The Dö is the steel maker, Döhlen in Saxony, the first number is the lot number.
Thanks for the reply. Not much to see on the other side, except what looks like a faint 26 Waffenamt. Actually, it looks more like a 25, but I don't think there was such a thing.


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