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Bizarre Stock Disc


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This was at my LGS, this rifle was a BNZ 42 and was import marked. The front barrel band, wood stock and the magazine (not magazine floorplate) matched and the bolt was m/m to the rifle but matching to itself. I think maybe the other barrel band match but I'm working off of memory. I mean, typically stock discs denote unit markings but I've never seen one on a K98. I assume for intelligence reasons.


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Pretty sure DWM ceased to exist in 1929. So not sure why they would be represented on a rifle made in 1942. I guess someone tried to just make up some story about this rifle being connected to DWM in order to get more money out of it, then somewhere along the lines people realized that was a crock-of-shit and sold it off to this gun store. Or its a ultra rare one of one rifle worth a bazillion dollars. But probably not.



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I should clarify, I assumed they removed unit markings for intelligence reasons not that this disc was used for intelligence reasons. I think I typed that out poorly.

I wasn't in the market to buy one anyway I was just curious on what the heck that disc was all about and by the looks of it its' faked right?


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The Germans pretty much stopped with ID discs in WW1 for the reason you stated. There were no ID discs used on WW2 era K98k's. The discs shown in the link on the Commonwealth captured rifles were added by the British. It's possible the rifle shown had such a disc that was later removed and replaced with the reproduction one, or some other country, or individual elsewhere decided to add a disc post war, but not German done.

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