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Bnz 1944 for review


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Coming to the professionals again. The only thing I can say for sure about this particular rifle is that my dad bought it in the early 1980s. It has sat in the glass rifle cabinet my whole life and maybe shot 2 or 3 times. So it has never been modified or tinkered with in any way in out possession. Can you guys tell me what you think about the stock, the floor plate and the other details? Likely all postwar work but what do you guys think? No import marks or Russian capture marks on it. Thanks! 3BA51184-049F-4295-AC10-AFEC475B6369.jpeg43053271-DF2A-4F7D-AB42-71AD81DD9242.jpeg1285A2D7-5246-4C24-B627-A82BB32CC10A.jpeg32E6034D-9E78-4301-AA19-07BA85493F0E.jpeg88F0E8FF-9CCE-42CA-92AB-40D1B0ACF774.jpegB1B2B887-111C-42EB-92D7-98E8A80D6D9E.jpegDB521BA6-0945-4CF2-A738-BACF5C09CD7B.jpegA9ED34C4-FA77-4E82-B9A3-590FE919AF98.jpeg81DE6399-A744-41B6-8B1C-65E5724DF1DB.jpegFA9A9062-0AC9-4446-9CDD-B28E0F1E77FD.jpegCB8F025A-2F4B-4705-AF91-E6BBCD09A365.jpeg


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Stock is Yugo. Bands are actually original to the gun, but the rest is a mix of replaced parts. Bolt is probably fake, but floorplate could be a legit postwar renumber. Doesn't really matter though. It has little value at this point, so shoot it and enjoy it.

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