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BNZ Rifles first marked "Mod. 98" -- When?


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Recently acquired BNZ 41 rifle s/n 4973b. It IS marked "Mod. 98" on the side rail.

In digging around for information I saw a comment that earlier BNZ rifles were first marked "Mod. 98" in early 1941, but I couldn't find any details as to the approx. s/n when this happened.

4973b has Radom "Lucky Charms" on the bolt and action if this helps date the parts.

Thank you!


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The World Famous Karem/Steves book, Karabiner 98k, Volume llb pg.591 says. "Early bnz41 receivers will have no Mod.98 marking on the rail. As early as the 'b' block, the Mod.98 begins to appear, first on receivers produced by Radom, followed by those made at Steyr. By the 'f' block a majority of receivers manufactured by both Steyr and Radom featured the"Mod.98" side rail markings, but it's possible random examples without the marking could show up in later production."

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