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bnz single claw sniper questions

I have a single claw sniper. It is unusual in that the letter follows the number on the barrel. Also in the stock the letter also follows the number. The stock is not set up to accept a cleaning rod. The rings are unnumbered. The leaf sight is not numbered in any way. I have seen a book that lays out all of the markings found in 98k's by manufacturer and year. Unfortunately I did not buy it. Does anyone know which book this is so that I can acquire a copy of it.



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From the sound of it your rifle has a replaced stock and bands. Our Volume 2 actually covers 39-44 Steyr and single claw snipers.
Perhaps you should post a few photos to the optics section for feedback. We sell our books at:


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I'm not fully sure if I have understand your problem/question. Are you now looking to get a book that can answer your question, or do you want opinions upon what style of serialization is possible or not? Secondly, I'm sure many would give you their opinion, but they would need to see what is of concern to you. Maybe you could share a few pictures of your rifle to allow an assessment?

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