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Gentlemen I have 1 book available for 100.00 shipped US.
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You discriminating AGAIN Bruce? Are ya? Are ya?

We furriners money is worth more than the lowly moldy greenback these day :biggrin1:

Ain't that the truth. Was going to order some wwii stuff from germany and ouch. exchange rate down from .82 (last summer) to .70.


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I too would also like too buy another copy. I would like to give it to my uncle. He gave me a copy of BBOTW years ago and got me into K98 collecting. Hes a "old school" collector and doesnt like the internet so his knowledge and collection is at a standstill. Im hoping a copy of kriegsmodell will perk his intrest again :thumbsup:


Definately interested in one also. I can swing money for books. Wife doesnt mind that as much as a new rifle. :)


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Got one

YEHA hahahahha! Got a copy at SOS. CERIPES! Awesome book. The guy had 2. $100. My buddy(he picked it up for me) asked twice to assure he was not misunderstanding. I wished he had bought both. I would have passed the savings on here. Love the book and this site, and beer too! Can't wait for book 2....or 1 as 3 was first. This is like an Allistair McClean book!

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