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Bruce and Mike’s ‘Kriegsmodell’ book finds a home in Bogotá, Colombia.

don w

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My cousin, Michal Gaitskell and Family, are now the proud owners of “Kriegsmodell”.

They came to the N. VA area for a visit and expressed their desires to learn more about Germany‘s firearms from WW1 & 2.
My son, Raphael, was impressed with their desire to learn the truth about Germany’s history and firearms. He (Raphael) presented the Gaitskell family with #100.

Needless to say,they are extremely impressed with the book. They asked for copies of the next two editions J


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Book availability

I have one book available if you need one.



bruce98k, i a newbie on these forum, if you still have the book i like to buy it, or tell me where i can buy the book.
I need to identification on a stock i buy last month to convert my airsoft k98 from tanaka in to a more realistic kar98, but the stock is rare. Sorry for my bad english im from spain.

Thanks for all.

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