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byf45 'c' stock High Turret- another late war anomaly


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This was my "end of year" rifle and had to give up a few guns to pay for this rifle.
About as nice as you can get for a late war Oberndorf, and turret equipped.
There is no tang proof, nor is there any marking on the front or rear of the front base.
Assembler #19 with factory mis-stamping of the serial number on the barrel.
The rifle came with no scope but I'm not complaining.

Has a typical cosmetically sanded 'c' stock with factory oil finish as opposed to others
which are dry with no seal coat.


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Based on the serial that rifle should soon have birthday. A very nice one! The serial on the receiver looks almost perfectly stamped, very deep with extremely sharp edges.


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A real stunner there.. Im sure a bit of dyslexia on the hand stamped barrel.. Glad you found a new toy.. Its gets harder as you get older.. lol :ROFLMAO::p

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A real stunner there.. Im sure a bit of dyslexia on the hand stamped barrel.. Glad you found a new toy.. Its gets harder as you get older.. lol :ROFLMAO::p
When I wrote ‘kinda funny’ I was thinking of dyslexia, or perhaps Monday morning syndrome, or even a coerced worker deliberately mis-stamping the numerals as a form of token resistance. There may be a variety of scenarios for the error, we will likely never know. Happy Birthday to the rifle!


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Great rifle. Beautiful stock. I like the double struck f on the cross bolt too. And a turret still looks great without a scope anyways. Haha


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It’s got a checkered buttplate.


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That’s a beautiful rifle! Kind of an odd question, but did the rifle come with that sling on it? I recently had a debate with another forum member on cross hatched vs non-cross hatched slings.



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I put the sling on it. The sling is ros 1944 coded and does not have crosshatching.
The lack of crosshatching on some German K98k slings is disinformation that some use in the claim that they are not correct.
The late cey coded slings are smooth with no crosshatching.

So at least two contractors in the late war period have no crosshatching on the sling - cey and ros.


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I have also come across 2 other late smooth slings that lack the ricasso pattern. One is a standard length 3 hole sling with just an RBN number on the flap near the buckle. The other is unmarked but it is a rivet type, similar to the cey45, however it has different rivets. I only know of two of this particular style.


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Beautiful rifle Bruce! I am amused at the mis stamped serial on the barrel..haha as a craftsman myself I can only imagine the person who stamped that barrel probably said a "oops" when he struck that..! Bring it along for show and tell!


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Is that a scope you have in your pocket?
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Great looking HT . I have seen a good number of HT rifles that do not have an RW proof on front base , as for the lack of any Tang proof I have seen one a couple other over the years . I have one such Turret in my collection which I am posting pics of .


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