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Camos: Period Photos

It's amazing to me how period photos of exotic helmets surface, and then very similar exotic camos emerge from the woodwork.

Or is it the other way around, exotic freshies surface, and then the period photos are found ?

You are a genius!!!!!! :hail::hail::laugh::laugh:
Here's a great one and proves helmets were done in batches in unit or Platoon size.

Nice exotic pattern as well, great for faking later..... :facepalm:


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Since clear photos showing the camo helmet covers are not that easy to find ...

The captain to the left also won the knight's cross later in the war. Sorry, but I do not remember his name. :facepalm:


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An interesting photo dated 1 January 1942 just after the failure of Operation Barbarossa. I cannot read the writing but would imagine this is from the Eastern Front. Soldier on the right appears to be wearing a woman's dress-vest as snow camo. I recall hearing about civilians donating clothing to the war effort. Snow camo was probably in short supply until later.

Edit: Location possibly Dalanow.

Dalanów [daˈlanuf] is a settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Rychtal, within Kępno County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, in west-central Poland.[1]


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A few nice ones and a funnier one with a table cloth camouflage.


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A few years earlier.
The signboard says: "Schlachtenmaler" => battle painters


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January 1st 1942
in Wolanow
Flak- Meß 101 (mot.)
nach durchweichter und durchzechter Nacht
nach durchweichter und durchzechter Nacht

after a soggy and drunk night

Thanks for the info.
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An interesting photo of an MG crew in the snow. Helmets range from no snow camo, to full snow camo, to heavily worn snow camo.

Dealers and forums promoting snow camos love to use period photos (like the snow camo in the center) to sell their dubious wares. They often neglect to mention some important facts:

- The snow camo depicted in the center of the MG photo was probably recently painted and did not stay in that pristine condition very long after this photo was taken. Heavy field use of snow camos is illustrated on the snow camo at left, and shows the beating the white finishes took while in service.

- Most photos of WWII German snow camos are from the Eastern Front, from the Winters of 41-42, 42-43, 43-44, and 44-45. Most of those helmets stayed in the Eastern sphere and were never available to Western Front troops as war booty, so not available to US, British-Commonwealth and western European collectors today.


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Volkssturm camo ?

They guys could be Finns fighting Reds in the Continuation War. They were supplied a large number of panzerfausts, were supplied German helmets, including M.40 and M.42 and utilized a large number of captured Russian PPD.40 SMGs, and that may even be a Finn SMG. The uniforms look Finn and the Finns did camo their lids. However, it looks like one has an armband of some kind. Could also be German allied satellite troops as well on the Eastern Front.
Snow camo. Notice first photo with grenade painted white (luftwaffe ?).


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I am not so sure that in the first picture his grenade is painted white. It is the late M43 model and most all of them were painted tan.

1944 M43 (1).jpg
Snow camo or night jammies outside ? Some kind of shenanigans going on here with backward helmets and such. Likely pre-war due to the national color shield still on the helmet (center). Looks like Luftwaffe.


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Apparently a camo fabric on top of helmet.


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