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Cartridge bag with 1 - 2 and 3 compartments


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who uses these cartridge bags with 1 and 2 compartmentalized? Are the guards such as SS or Politi or other devices ..
Wehrmacht/Heer used these Cartridge Bag with 3 compartments ..


Muncher 1953

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in the Great War, German troops used 3 compartment pouches holding 3 x 5 cartridges each (90 total). In WW2, the triple pouches held 2 x 5 cartridges each (total of 60 per soldat) Other countries using the Mauser rifle used 2 pouches holding 3x5 cartridges, for a total of 60. These countries might have been included in the former Yugoslavia, & neighbors to the East. Typically German triple pouches were black or painted black, other nations left their pouches natural brown. Many of these are available today new or nearly so.


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You can find them for very little money over here.
IIRR the single compartment pouches are/were for post war Austrian Police/Customs and the 2-compartment pouches for Austrian Army snipers issued with the SSG58.

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