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CE 44 SWEPT BACK SNIPER W/specially marked zf4 scope..

.. to make it a bit more interesting, I've purchased the attached shown ZF4 scope. The condition clearly shows that the KZF engraving has been on it since production (note the exactly identical engraving of the K.Z.F. to the one on the scope in the opening post).

Anyone else ever seen a DOW coded KZF ZF4 before?


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Hello Absolut,

I see the pitting etc but several things bothered me about this scope when i saw it for sale. Now do I know everything no but from my database this should have the Arrow marking on the tube for 1-8 indicator not a Triangle. The biggest is the serial font, this font was last seen and never reported past 31365. The next problem the area flat or square body is the tube body were the ZFK43 DOW serial and KZF the radius transition to the round this radius area were the new serial and KZF look ground and added as the radius transition in this area has been altered looks longer and has a indent should be perfect flow likew the other end of the scope. also the lens look to have been replace as they have a blue tint to them AND the lens retainers are not the correct type ring with notch for removal. like to hear the folks who know more about this scope. here are pics of scope number 41105 and scope 41128.



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Boy that thing’s got some issues. Such a cool variation, one day I’ll build the broke kids version haha.
The Serial number suffix overlaps with long side rail production. These were produced before Sauer got out of the K98 business and moved on to mp44 production. My best guess would be these were a failed experiment. I am no expert on these and there are people here that know much more about this than I do, but this is the conclusion I have come to.
I would say it failed. I have built a repro and have had both original and reproduction zf4 scopes on it and eye relief is an issue even with the swept back mount.


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