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Checkered Sniper Butt Cup for 98k

I picked this one up from Gunbroker recently. Mauser99 posted pics of it from the auction, but I had a chance to strip the black paint from it and cleaned the stock up a little. Stock is sanded, Eagle H is gone from the stock sanding (some are struck weakly so I suspect it didn't take much for them to take it off), but the gun is 100% matching. I'll be the first to admit sanded stock guns that have been spray painted are NOT my cup of tea. Rarely would I even buy one, but this gun is sufficiently rare to warrant having it as a restored example. It looks a lot better now, I stripped the paint and oiled the metal- it does appear the top of receiver and front band were cleaned of rust, but no cold blue under all the paint. Actually, it's not a bad looking rifle considering where it started. I'm posting these pics as they are difficult to find, and I know a lot of people collect data on them- here's some data.

So, it has been embellished with an eagle B on the crossguard to get more $. Ouch, somebody got burned. Good thing you dropped out Dusty.

You should also post a photo of the mismatched bolt or buyers can see the thread in the G/K43 section

ros44 G/K43

That’s insane in my opinion. It’s just a butt plate. How does a butt plate bring nearly as much as an entire rifle? Someone got bent over the table.

Here is the problem as I see it, if people continue to sell sniper stuff for these inflated prices eventually it will price new collectors out of the hobby. Sure we want to see this stuff increase in value but at a slower rate and because new demand is there. Not because of greed. Just my thoughts.
These are very desireable and the price reflects it. I would be happy to buy your sniper collection for reasonable prices that would attract new collectors.

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