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CLC 44 bayonet



I've just acquired this CLC 44 bayonet. The scabbard is also a CLC but from year 41 with a different number, frog is unmarked. The scabbard is covered with something between dirt and paint (which have prevented it from rust).
Blade seems to be in very good condition. The seller told me it was his ftaher's souvenir who battled the Germans in Brest, France. I has the Waffenamt stamps on the other side, the part over the grips seems to have been cleaned with some scratching.

Blade looks untouched. Yeah someone probably scrubbed the pommel, grips and hilt with steel wool. Any markings on the back of that frog? Not sure why but it seems like this code is always hard to find in very good condition.
There could be some reminiscences of letters on the back of the frog but it is very hard to tell (was looking at it a with magnifying glass), so I would tell : no it is not marked. Non marked existed also (as far as I know). The frog is in excellent condition, the leather is thick, no crackings, juste superficial wearing and some minor scratching, it's a very nice piece by itself. It was quite difficult to get the scabbard off. I've compared visuals with CLC from before 1942 and the finish of the blades seems to have gotten quite worse after 1942. However, price was correct and this is my first "complete" one, so I am very satisfied even if numbers are dispaired. One day I'll find a match :)
Yes the blade is very nice preserved which is by clc 44 normal, the scabbard could be painted or reblued, unfortunally the pommel was sandpaper cleaned probably, which is not well, visible that the grips were attached by this cleaning, teoretically it could be cold blued for better look of pommel, even the rough mashinery was probably damaged a little by sanding. The backside of frog could be provided picture, as this is a early pre 1941 frog, which normally should be marked the surface of leather speaks for heavy using, so the maker could be removed by worrieng on soldiers belt and body.
The pre 1941 frog with upper attach was meant to be used only by mounted troops - cavalry, motorcycles. However in 1942 the are generalised to all troops (If my memory is correct).

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