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Commercial byf44 - saved from bubba


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Some of you were spectators on another web site regarding the active auction when it was running.
I appreciate the guys who helped me out on this.

A very scarce rifle and did not want to rush the restoration.

Barrel is dated Nov. 44 (11 44) and carries all Mauser Oberndorf commercial proofing.
What is interesting is the bolt bears both the Nazi firing proof stamp as well as the E/N commercial stamp.

One aspect that I did not catch until I was photographing this was the cancelled WR (overstamped with a U).
The stock also has been removed from service with a large 'U' stamped in the channel.

I will endeavor to go back and check my byf45 commercial and look at the bottom of that receiver.



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Yeah, that's a neat rifle and you did a good job making the stock look better. Glad you ended up with it.


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Fascinating rifle, I did not see the original listing, what restoration was required?


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Great rifle! Was it sportered in any way since you speak of a restoration? Recently bought my first Commercial proofed byf44 as well, but not here yet.


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Great to see it finished.. You know how I felt about this one.. I see the circle A on the e/135 on the barrel also .. Then the added commercial info on the barrel.. Assuming this failed military acceptance and shifted commercial possible volksturm use ? Amazing rifle and possibly the only one known..

Restored is a nasty term in the gun world not the car world ... Saved works better. Rifle was flat new as seen. Stock was lightly steel wooled possibly ? covered with poly or other.
Easy save for someone with extreme talent. Like Bruce.

Amazing rifle now in the hands of the master... My work here is done. :biggrin1:
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I was following this also. It looks much better now whatever techniques you used and probably your photography as well.


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Great rifle Bruce, this is super cool! It’s really interesting that the WR is canceled out as it appears on other wartime commercial actions. I’ve seen it on the bottom of two magnum actions, but they were sold to the trade so that could be the difference as compared with in house production/completions.


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Commercial byf44

I checked the commercial byf45 at lunch today and the WR stamped on the bottom of the receiver is not cancelled out.
So it seems the application is not uniform. When I took that commercial Banner apart at SOS some years ago, I did not
inspect (nor was I looking for) the receiver WR.

Both rifles do have the barrel Waffenamt overstruck with "Circle A" though.



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Fantastic rifle B. Everything you could ask for in terms of markings on a TR gun. Their level of anal retentiveness helped lose the war. Lol.

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