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Could someone help me out (brass related)...


I'm working up one of those corrosive bore flushing rigs for my 8mms (I have them for my other corrosive calibers already)...I forgot that I can't use a fired piece of brass and need an unfired brass so it neatly fits the chamber. Would someone be willing to send me two pieces of unfired, unprimed 8mm brass? I'd pay shipping of course. Thanks
I'm not a reloader at breaking down a few live rounds possible without having any reloading tools? I'll certainly do it if possible... wondering how to remove a primer
I've knocked out spent primers with a small punch, but not live ones.
Perhaps someone will shed some light?
depending on how tight the neck crimp was on the donor ammo, he might be able the put the bullet in a vise, pull the case off from it, dump the powder, then fire the primer, using a rifle. without a bullet to capture the pressure, the case won’t expand to fit the chamber, & then punch out the spent primer from inside.
punching out a live primer is a BAD IDEA. also, fire the primer outdoors, they’re louder than you think!

but: why wouldn’t a full length resized fired shell work? the FLR die squeezes the shell back close-to-unfired dimensions. any reloader might have a few of those kicking around…..
I don't have any unfired brass, but I've got plenty that is probably near the end of its service life. If you PM me your address I'll happily run a few through a full length sizer and throw them in the mail.

No payment necessary, this is the kind of thing that can be done with a stamp.

edit: I'll try to find something with a proper 8mm headstamp just to keep things simple for you, but there's a non-zero chance it will have a .30-06 head stamp. I've been making my own 8mm out of the mountain of once fired HXP .30-06 I'm sitting on for years, so that's what I've got a ton of.
Cyrano - I didn't think about it but as Muncher suggested a resized piece would be perfect...I'll PM you. Many Thanks!!

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