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CZ k98 Identification


Hello guys,

I am buying this CZ Mauser in Portugal, however I haven't been able to discover the year this rifle was produced.
In the attached picture you can see that it is not a Vz24 rifle (I guess). you can find written
"ceskoslovenska zbrojovka as brno" wich seems to have been refurbished, hiding the "Mod. 98"
You can find thsi strange proof marks "E3"; "S", a "T" inside a circle (none of theese I found reference online), the Hulm proofmark (after number "8"), the German post-war nitro proofmark, 8*57 IS for the caliber and a "frion" proof mark wich I couldnt find reference online.

There is no Crest Lion, or, not Byf/ dou45... etc

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-14 at 17.57.50.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-14 at 17.58.50.jpeg

Thank-you for your help!



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Post WW2 Czech manufacture using left over WW2 parts , and some new parts, to complete a 98k style rifle. Sold to Middle East countries, among others, in the post war years up til 1949....


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DaveDavis is correct, looks to be a post-war Czech rifle. Some of them don't have markings indicating year of production and factory, I know that from personal experience, they seem to have a lot of variations as the one I used to own had two Czech lion proof marks instead of eagles with swastikas and yours has neither. The circle T is pretty standard and Czech made rifles, I've seen some on VZ-52s for example. Weirder still, there seems to be an imperial German eagle on the side which is odd. Maybe somebody with more expertise can chime in.

Does your country require guns to be marked with the caliber that it chambers?


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Prettys sure these 'imperial eagles' are more modern German firing proof eagles. the rifle was made commercial and most likely sold as a commercial gun


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E3 is the Brno military acceptance. The marking is “Orion” and not Frion which is a German importer marking. The circle T is a Czech firing proof, probably from late 40’s to early 50’s.

Probably had a Czech lion on top removed by communist, most were. Rifle was new made in the late 40’s.

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