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CZ Modell 27


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I saw this one yesterday in a LGS with an interesting serial number. Real or faked? These are not my usual area of interest, but seemed intriguing. Here’s a few photos I snapped while there.


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the only things that make sense are …Yes its correct. or the pistol never bore a ser# and someone added the 1 to make it legal ??
I'm leaning towards lunch box special later renumbered. Factory serial numbers would appear on the front of the frame, not the rear, and also on the side plate. It also doesn't appear to be Waffen proofed. Finally, it is marked with the German model designation adopted after the factory was occupied. If it was truly Cz27 No. 1, it would not be identified on the slide as a Pistole Modell 27. That came much later into serial production (IIRC at least 30K were produced before occupation).
I am leaning towards the latter as the font of the 1 doesn’t match others from the same era.
I know little about these, but a quick search turned up numerous references to similar pistols that are unnumbered, several on Still’s Luger Forum. Scrolling through the photos, it seems that serial number placement varied considerably.

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