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Danzig 1903


Hello all!

First off I would like to thank Jordan, Warrior1354, and Mike, Feldmutze, for the help on this rifle. It’s not the prettiest thing on the planet, but it’s what got me started on Imperial German weaponry and militaria.

After about a year of getting this rifle, I have finally completed it. I initially passed on it when I first saw it as the only thing I saw that was salvageable was the bolt internals, trigger, and floor plate. But time went on and I was able to track it down again.

As you can see, a previous owner, unknown to me, had gotten ahold of it and made some modifications. It seems they wanted a 1903a3 and not a Gewehr 98. The silver soldered on a base and Korean era M1 Carbine rear sight onto the back of the receiver. Luckily the front sight was untouched. The magazine box and stock disc were missing as well. The bolt was also slightly bent, and the stock was HEAVILY sanded. The biggest heartbreak was, from what I could see, is that it was all matching before it was sporterized.

The good part was the bore was immaculate. Thanks to Jordan I was able to get it back to original condition fairly quick in a 1909 Argentine stock. Once I got around to shooting it, I actually got a good grouping while standing at 100 yards. Not too long ago I got it into a proper Gew98 stock. And I got the final piece, the handguard, from Mike about a week ago. A little mismatched in finish but it fits like a glove. Only thing left to get is a reproduction sling.

One neat thing about this rifle is the small gap between the rear sight band and the step in the barrel. It would have originally had a rear sight that went down to 200m due to it being made between 1904 when the spitzer bullet was invented. (My history may be a little fuzzy)

For now, this rifle is my shooter until I can find a good Turked Gew98 to replace it. It might not be the prettiest thing, but I feel it’s always good to bring one of these back from the dead. Put all the parts floating around to good use.

I will be getting more pictures of the markings on the barreled action soon as I’m giving it another good cleaning.



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Nice project. Great rifle to save as a shooter. If you get a chance, could you photograph the right side of the receiver and markings on the barrel under the wood?


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I agree with Cyrus--- good save! Some are beyond help, but this was not one---good on you for restoring it!


As requested. Here are the markings on the side of the receiver, the underside of the receiver, and the underside of the barrel.

Sound about the odd cropping. Still figuring out my phone’s camera.


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I think you did very well Connor in your restoration project. It really was a damn shame, to see this early Danzig turned into this 1903A3 hybrid lol. Especially when it had a completely matching bolt as well. But, it sure looks good to see it brought back to it's correct configuration. I was glad, I had the parts you needed in my armorers box for your project. Remember what I keep telling you buddy, always look for good parts you will use them believe I have over the years. And it was even better, when I ran across a nice German Gewehr 98 stock set for you too! What was nice it wasn't Turk, it wasn't busted, it wasn't bubba, and it was priced very well lol. Still it really does put a smile on my face to see these old girls brought back.

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