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"Death from Above" book (2007 edition vs 1990 edition)

Guillaume d'Orange

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Hi guys,

I have the 1990 edition of "Death from Above: the German FG42 Paratroop Rifle"

The 2007 new expanded edition is said to have "an Addendum containing 68 more pages and 122 new illustrations. The 2007 Addendum challenges everything previously known or assumed about the timetable of FG42 development, thus solving some long-standing dilemmas but introducing even more new questions about these fascinating arms. It also includes a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of the serial numbers of every FG42 known to exist all over the world."

If some of you own the book, is new edition worth it ? Especially is the up-to-date listing comprehensive or not ?

Thanks a lot !


Baby Face
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It has some interesting bits of Rheinmetall documentation on the FG42 in the 1944 period. It has a nice list of known FG42s as of 2007 or whatever. It is 15 years old at this point but worthwhile. Also some silly pages about toy FG42s for some reason.

Worth having IMO.

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