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DK store open!!


A short update: My 2 BD44 s that are with Tech Branch is still pending, 16 months now. Semi BD38 kits ( with barrels) will arrive shortly. MP44 kits and FG42 kits are under production , and will also arrive when i am back from Germany. Some new items like FG42 flats, K43 magazines ( 10 and 20 round ) will also come in a near future. I will also get some surplus stuff from Europe, magazines and parts. D
Thank you for the update! I’m sure the waiting isn’t easy for you either but it’s wonderful to that you are making progress. I look forward to hearing more good news in the future. Thank you again.


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Is there a timeframe on when these will be available? Also curious if blank adapters will be sold
Hi. They are in production now, and the hard parts are finish. I am going to Germany soon to check on the status. Will check on blank adapters. Those that are interested in kits, can send me a mail on my web site to be put on a list. D

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