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Dot 1943 rifle restoration questions....


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First post on this forum...I have a couple questions regarding a 1943 dot rifle vet bringback bolt mismatch missing handguard that I picked up over the weekend....The rifle is all matching otherwise ....The serial number is 8216k and it is in a walnut stock .....what handguard would be a more proper replacement as I think an original dot marked walnut is going to be a tough find ...and secondly how tough would it be to find at least a dot bolt for the rifle it currently has a waa 655 18016 c block bolt all matching to itself...Any help/opinions would be appreciated....I'll try get pics posted later this week..


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The proper replacement would be anything the armorer had in his box and could be a laminate. However, a walnut handguard shouldn't be tough to find. As for the bolt, leave the one in it, that's probably the one it came home with. I always scratch my head at how people will spend alot more time and money to find another mismatched bolt for a rifle that is more incorrect than the mismatched bolt in it. Any historical value it had is destroyed and it won't be any more "matching", plus you've paid extra to do this. Keep the bolt you have in it and enjoy it. I'd recommend headspacing it before shooting it.


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I would opt for a walnut handguard numbered or un-numbered for now. Also the bolt would be E/63 not E/655 e/63 was used at brunn1 through out 33/40 and k98 production. That should be a fairly easy bolt to find.


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Thanks for taking time to respond. Probably am going to look for a walnut handguard until a DOT one becomes available. And leave the bolt in it unless the correct one miraculously appears. Thanks again for the responses.

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